Christina wisz daryn williams
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Christina Wisz & Daryn Williams . Our Advertisement . Dr. Up Your Life . Headline: Your Old Soft Drink Called Tagline: “Your old soft drink called, and your referral is Dr. Pepper.” . Target Audience .

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Christina wisz daryn williams

Christina Wisz & Daryn Williams

Dr up your life
Dr. Up Your Life

  • Headline: Your Old Soft Drink Called

  • Tagline: “Your old soft drink called, and your referral is Dr. Pepper.”

Target audience
Target Audience

  • Our Target Audience is college students and young adults and our magazine is Entertainment weekly.

  • By doing research we gathered that roughly 63 percent of Entertainment weekly readers are between the ages of 18 and 34, and that directly correlates to our target audience.

  • Entertainment Weekly has all of the juicy gossip about celebrities, which appeals to a younger demographic.

  • Roughly 83 percent of Entertainment Weekly readers have attended some college or are post grad.

Advertising approach
Advertising Approach

  • We believe our advertisement will appeal to both young males and females.

  • The attractive Doctor will appeal to the female audience.

  • The humor aspect of the ad will appeal to the male audience and the female audience as well.

History rationale

  • Dr. Pepper Originated at Morrison’s Old Country store in Waco in 1885 making it the oldest major soft drink in the United States.

  • Dr. Pepper was ranked 5th in 2012 in the top ten most popular soft drinks behind Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Pepsi-Cola, and Mountain Dew.


  • The basic message we are trying the communicate in our advertisement is to stop drinking your boring old soft drink and trade it in for Dr. Pepper!

  • We did this by doing a simple advertisement with minimal wording that will appeal to our target consumer.

  • Doctors are seen as good people who help others, this positive association along with Dr. Pepper will help to brand and market the product.