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Characters and Places

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Characters and Places. Ciones - on O dysseus’s 2 nd stop he comes across these people who live on the southwestern coast of Thrace. They have a battle with Odysseus and his men

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characters and places
Characters and Places

Ciones- on Odysseus’s 2nd stop he comes across these people who live on the southwestern coast of Thrace. They have a battle with Odysseus and his men

Lotus eaters- Meets them on his 3rd stop. Odysseus’s men are forced to eat lotus to forget Ithaca by these people.

Polyphemus-Poseidon’s son who is a Cyclops, which are one-eyed giants who live by themselves as shepherds. He was blinded by Odysseus on the 4th stop

Circe- on Odysseus’s 7th stop his men are turned into swine by a goddess named Circe who home is Aeaea

Sirens- during the 8th part of his journey, Odysseus’s and his men struggle to get past the sea nymph’s luring music. The music attracts sailors to steer towards dangerous rocks.

Teiresias-Odysseus goes to the land of the dead and meets the famous blind prophet, from Thebes, Teiresias

Charybdis- on his 11th stop Odysseus got caught in a whirlpool caused by a female monster, Charybdis, who sucks in water 3 times a day which creates the whirlpool

Scylla- Odysseus comes across a female monster with 6 serpent heads, each head with a triple row of fangs, on his 12th stop.

Thrinakia- Odysseus makes a stop at the island where Helios, the sun god, keeps his cattle

Calypso- on his 14th stop calypso keeps Odysseus on her island for 7 years

Phaecia- Odysseus stops at king Alcinous’s island. The people there are shipbuilders and traders. In Alcinous’s court, Odysseus is asked to tell the story of his journey

Erebus- dark area of the underworld where the dead reside

Eurylochus- he is a member of Odysseus’s crew.