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Health Ch. 12 PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Ch. 12

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Health Ch. 12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health Ch. 12
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  1. Health Ch. 12 By- Emily Jordan, Janice Fiedler, Natalie Panaggio

  2. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools • Telemedicine systems allow medical consolations to take place when the doctor and patient are in separate physical locations. • Store-and forward telemedicine systems such as email are used when real-time communication is not essential such as when test results are sent for diagnosis or closer inspection.

  3. Benefits • Telemedicine is particularly useful for patients in remote areas where transportation to a hospital may be difficult, expensive, or slow. • Situations where access to a doctor us impossible.

  4. Disadvantage • Security • Reliability of communication • Telemedicine raises legal issues

  5. Remote patient Monitoring • A system is a form of telemedicine which allows patients to return home yet still be closely monitored by medical staff. • (Sensors can even be embedded into clothes)

  6. Electronic Medical Records • Store patient data in a computerized database which can be accessed by the medical staff treating them. • Three General approaches • Centralizes database- house and maintained by a hospital or healthcare provider. • Personal Health Records- Are slightly different, in that the medical data is provided and managed by the patient themselves. • Smart Card- To carry portable health records.

  7. E- prescriptions • EMR systems are often linked to electronic prescription systems to automatically generate prescriptions and send them to pharmacies.

  8. Medical Expert Systems • Called Clinical decision Support Systems- used to support medical decision making since the early 1970s.

  9. Virtual Reality Therapy • Systems that have been developed to improve the treatment of Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder and certain phobias.

  10. Prosthetic Devices • Most exciting Developments- robot limbs • Limbs use the myoelectric systems and neural control.

  11. Online Medical Advice • Diagnosis sites- operated either by governments or individual clinics, range from simple pages with information about common illnesses to interactive sites which allow a user to input multiple symptoms. • Medical Advice Sites- extend patient care beyond diagnosis and treatments • Support group Sites- Another form of online health advice.

  12. Disease Mapping • Uganda malaria surveillance Project- uses IT to track cases of malaria. • Healthmap- system that shows the latest health news and alerts from around the globe. • Human Genome Project- an international collaborative project to map the functions of the human genome.

  13. Physical Considerations • RSI- causes strong pain or weakness in muscles and tendons, and can occur in the hands, arms, shoulders, and back. • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- similar condition which causes pain or numbness in the wrist.

  14. Prevention • Using equipment in an ergonomic manner. • Avoid quick movements • Take breaks