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THE MOST ADVANCED HEALTH CARD SYSTEM. WORLD HEALTH CARD. THE SYSTEM. What is a World Health Card?. A few facts first:. Who was involved in creation of the WHC System? 2 inventors - Norway 1 lawyer / legal service team - Norway 2 technical writers – Norway, Canada

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the system

What is a World Health Card?

A few facts first:

  • Who was involved in creation of the WHC System?
  • 2 inventors - Norway
  • 1 lawyer / legal service team - Norway
  • 2 technical writers – Norway, Canada
  • 2 graphical designers – Norway
  • 2 WEB application creators – Norway, India
  • 10 programmers - Norway, Canada, India, Croatia, Germany
  • 20 translators – Norway, Canada, Portugal
  • 1 Ministry of Health – Norway
  • 1 Ministry of Small Business development – Norway
  • 3 smart card / smart card equipment manufacturers – Germany, USA
  • 2 medical facilities / hospitals - Norway
  • 2 EMS crews – Norway
  • 250 doctors - Norway

It is a smart (chip) card with personal information securely stored into the miniature chip computer. Should not be mixed up with simple and inferior memory chips.

It was created in 2012 by 2 Norwegian inventors, Marco Krys and Frank Jakobsen from Sistranda, island of Froya. Name of the company established is Scardi AS.

They perfected existing smart health card solutions used in many countries throughout the World.

the system1

What kind of information is securely stored into WHC cards?

  • Personal data
  • 2 Insurance coverage accounts
  • Allergies
  • Diseases
  • Vaccinations
  • Medication plan and history
  • Medical notes
  • Prescriptions
the system2

Who is handling cards and

benefiting from WHC cards?

First and foremost it is card holder himself!

Doctors providing direct healthcare

Medical caregivers, like nurses, therapists, dentists …


Health insurance providers

EMS services

Government services

WHC cards are so feature rich that they appear built EXACTLY

for the following subjects in mind:



Medical Institutions

EMS services


Insurance companies

Government agencies

the system3

What are the main parts of WHC System Suite?

  • WHC Suite - system software
  • WHC patient cards
  • WHC access cards for doctors, pharmacy, EMS
  • Doctor’s access card reader
  • Doctor’s fingerprint reader
the system4

What kind of problems is WHC solving?

Reasons are quite simple:

Cost of actual implementation is monumental and is growing by the hour!

Extensive and expensive communications data infra structure is needed!

One single operator authority needs to be approved and established!

Privacy of the patients is an absolute paramount!

Central data server facility is very expensive to establish, operate and protect

24/7 against break-ins!

There is no inter-operability between different countries!

There is no solution to serve people of different languages living in same country!

There is no universal insurance solution!

There is no capability for doctor to easily create a claim for every domestic,

let alone foreign insurance!

Electronic, universal prescription does not exist!

There is no portability where patient’s records can be securely accessed from

any kind of remote location, like cruise ship or place with no Internet!

… much more!

It is very easy to discuss first solution … does not exist anywhere!

Many countries try to build it, plan for central electronic medical records or tried to implement it. They all failed and will fail in future.

Patients and Health care institutions today are facing many challenges. One single, main one would be lack of medical records when and were you need them!

Sounds obvious and simple but true solution did not exist until now!

  • There are 2 basic solutions to problem of having available medical records:
  • Secure central server with records and medical data about all registered citizens (patients)
  • Portable medical records carried by patient, available any time, anywhere

For all reasons above and many more coming working on and building centrally managed solution is futile effort. Most likely, because of astronomical costs system will crumble under it’s own weight!

On InterGlobe conference for medical professionals, Warsaw Summer 2012. Conclusion is that cost of healthcare is growing at such alarming rate that by 2020 there will be only handful countries in the world able to provide free,

universal healthcare for every citizen!

the system5

The WHC solution!

  • WHC saves lives by providing timely critical medical information
  • It is decentralized solution, completely scalable
  • It works anywhere, any time, does not need Internet to function
  • It is secure, content protected by PIN and biometrics
  • Complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA privacy acts
  • WHC saves time and money at every step of the way at any level of healthcare
  • WHC card is personalized and data maintained by card holder himself. Medical professionals can add relevant data when needed
  • WHC is system for today and future!

You guessed it right, when asked about 95% of patients would endorse portable, secure medical records vehicle that goes everything they go.

World Health Card meets and exceeds all such requirements.

It alleviates all problems mentioned in centrally managed solution.

WHC creators went by completely different way. They created personal, universal health card solution oriented towards patient.


What can be saved by using WHC system?

First and foremost lives!

No more lack of critical medical info, knowledge about medications, previous or current conditions!


Every step of the way. No more countless signups, fake or false IDs, waiting for data, miscommunications …


Hundreds of millions shall be saved on doctor’s valuable time, medical facilities, unnecessary therapies, drugs, visits, insurance claims, Government health benefits abuse …


Lack of or wrongful ones that is. Universal translator for 19 languages is built

into WHC all the way. Immense help for multicultural societies like Norway or Canada or

many other …

Insurance processing!

First time ever it is possible for doctor to serve foreigner and get paid using WHC utility …


Last but not least, whole forests will not fall down to satisfy untamed

hunger for forms and papers used up in healthcare by thousands and tons …


Who uses smart health cards?

  • To list few nations that use cards on national level:
  • Germany - 80 million + about
  • France - 60 million
  • Slovenia - 2.4 million
  • Taiwan - 24 million
  • Austria - 40 million
  • It is important to notice that almost all countries listed above use card almost solely as an ID and administration tool. There is a minimal amount of medical data. WHC offers way more features at much lower cost!

WHC is loaded with many features!

  • There are also features not expected for standard health smart cards:
  • Cardholders create and maintain card information themselves
  • Every manipulation of the card is recorded in the card log page and can be reviewed
  • Comprehensive medication plan is included and medication administration history
  • Electronic prescriptions are available, secure, impossible to fake
  • Pharmacy dispensing record log capabilities
  • In card PIN and biometric validation
  • In card patient picture
  • There are also totally new features never seen in similar cards or systems:
  • One card – > one software = worldwide acceptance
  • All cards and WHC PC software instant translation for currently 19 languages
  • Patient uses his native language and doctor his native language
  • WEB site registration with free account for everyone
  • WEB site card ordering utility, worldwide delivery
  • WEB site International coverage insurance purchasing utility + worldwide card delivery
  • Auto diagnostic kiosk
  • Doctor can instantly validate 2 different insurance account (Internet required)
  • Doctor can view insurance limitations and restrictions (Internet required)
  • Doctor can view on-line billing activity
  • Pharmacy billing to insurance capability
  • Patient card recovery utility
  • There are many standard features found in every WHC card
  • Personal contact information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Living will information
  • Blood type
  • Allergies
  • Insurance information for 2 different accounts
  • Drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Diseases
  • Vaccination information log
  • Medical notes
  • Reference to other doctor page
  • More features …
  • Many insurance anti-fraud features
  • Bill sharing system built-in
  • Instant claim write-up utility
  • ICBC International medical codes available
  • Triage utility
  • Patient calming utility
  • EMS secure messenger, EMS to EMS, EMS to EMS center
  • Call Center (PSAP) supported
  • Ambulance car inventory check-up utility
  • Ambulance vehicle check-up utility
the system6

Security is everybody’s concern.

Control access cards are strictly controlled during issuance and during lifetime of the card!

Cards are issued manually

Control cards are personalized and issued to specific doctor

Control cards have expiry date. Can be extended remotely

Also control cards enable extra functionality that doctor can get or purchase at any time

Access card comes with any 3 languages enabled

Only trusted entity can read and possibly write back to the card!

How WHC achieved that? By deploying special smart card based security sub system! Everybody who has needs to see and communicate with patient’s card MUST have access control card like that.

Access cards are manually processed and strictly controlled

Each group of cards (doctor’s, EMS, pharmacy, medical personnel …) has different authority defined

Secondary smart card reader connected to PC is required to operate WHC Software Suite

Patient’s card and medical professional’s card validate

each other before any transactions can take place

Smart cards themselves are produced by German

company specifically for WHC

Single requirement/demand built into Norwegian law says that personal, medical records can’t be transmitted over Internet.

That determined a roadmap for WHC as medical records recorded and carried around in chip card rather than using central server.

Specific patient’s consent is required to share his/her medical information.

By using PIN and/or biometrics patient positively identifies

himself to the medical professional Scardi looked at the

WHC project from every angle, examined all the paths

and came up with best solutions.

the system7

Let us review several typical

screens found in WHC Suite.

Doctor’s notes page. Name, time, date gets auto populated as soon doctor starts writing medical notes

Doctor can easily create insurance claim. Thousands of universal ICPC codes are available from drop down menus.

This is typical screen doctor can see after choosing a language. Buttons on top represent all available options for doctor. By selecting buttons doctor chooses different pages from patient’s WHC card.

Doctor can easily write medication prescriptions. As everything else this can’t be changed, faked, copied and illegible.

AutoLog page shows transactions activity, which medical institutions or doctors patient visited. This log is fully automatic and can’t be modified!

This is an allergies and medical info page

Startup screen is always the same, patient or doctor has freedom of choosing his/her native language:

This is AutoDiagnostic kiosk screenshot. It is optional utility. Patient uses touch screen to point out to problems he is experiencing. Saves a lot of time to doctor! Self diagnose is written to the WHC card

There is a page for Government usage. Accessible by special access card only, helps fight against immigrants abusing social system or welfare programs. That utility has PIN and biometric capabilities using which authorities can positively identify card holder.

This feature alone could save hundreds of millions to Governments that decided to use it!

This is a first page in patient’s card. It gets populated automatically after card holder inserts card into the reader

Before being able to run the software and do anything medical professional must insert his/her access card into the smart card reader!

Different access card will cause software to make available pre-determined options!

Prescription drugs taking activity is broken down into all necessary details. Some fields are auto populated to keep track of persons filling them up

the system8

WHC - Health Smart Card System

It is clear by now that WHC is most comprehensive Health Smart Card System ever created! Almost every utility found in the card could be card or software by itself!

Luckily Scardi put everything together into one single system!

It is single card, single software, single hardware. There are no different country versions, they are all the same. That fact represents huge advantage and levels everybody to rip maximum benefits

Finally we come to question you probably wanted to ask first, how much does it cost?

Simple answer is: less than you EVER expected!

WHC patient cards: about $25.00 for 3 years

Doctor’s startup kit: about $250.00

Smart card readers: from $25.00 up to $150.00 depending on model

THAT’S IT! No more

the system9

What is the best part of WHC?


There is no conclusion! WHC is continuous work and pursue of ultimate functionality and excellence! Scardi already has new list of features that will find themselves into WHC cards and software Suite

And it is available RIGHT NOW, TODAY from WHC distributor near you for value easily calculated, definite amount.

the system10

Get your WHC card today!