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  1. National School Breakfast Week March 2-6, 2015 [Add your district’s information here]

  2. “Make the Grade with School Breakfast”

  3. Emphasize the Learning Connection • School breakfast helps kids perform their best at school – it’s proven! • Use this to your advantage when communicating with administrators and parents during NSBW • Check out the NSBW toolkit for examples of papers and studies you can reference

  4. 2015 Promotion Goals • Increase participation and visibility for our school breakfast program • Educate parents and students about the importance of school breakfast as it relates to academic success • Get students excited about making healthy choices at breakfast with a fun theme

  5. Communicating the New Standards • NSBW is the perfect time to promote healthy menu options at breakfast • Keep parents informed of the fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and low-fat dairy offerings • mail a letter home • update your menus • attend a PTA meeting

  6. Study Your Social Media • Use social media to spread the word to parents and administrators • Post photos of your decorations, menu items, staff members, and students celebrating. • Use Facebook to inform parents about the healthy menu items • Ask your school district’s communications office about policies and who you should send your posts to • Remember to have parents fill out a media release if you’re publishing photos of kids

  7. Ideas & Tips Hand out brainteasers, riddles, and activity sheets to students during breakfast to wake up their brains for the day. Participate in SNA’s “Before & After School Breakfast” art contest. Students can draw a picture of how they feel before and after eating a healthy breakfast. Decorate the cafeteria with “Make the Grade with School Breakfast” merchandise from SNA’s Emporium like posters, balloons, student giveaways, and even aprons for your staff!

  8. Ideas & Tips Organize a raffle in the cafeteria with a fun prize – students have to drop off a piece of schoolwork they earned an A on to enter to win! Poll the students (and even school staff) on their favorite breakfast foods. Serve the most popular menu items during NSBW! Give students a “pop quiz” about healthy breakfast food in the cafeteria – hand out small prizes as giveaways for students that volunteer the correct answer. Post a big piece of paper on the wall, and leave markers on the table. Students can write why they love school breakfast!

  9. “School Breakfast: Before & After” Art Contest • School breakfast takes kids from sleepy to super-energized. SNA’s 2015 art contest asks them to draw a picture of how they feel before and after their healthy breakfast. • Three national winners will receive prize packs and their drawing will be featured on the SNA website! • Learn more at

  10. Resources Report Card • Visit to access all of the free resources, like: • 10+ Page toolkit of ideas and tips • Downloadable artwork and logos (and a cover photo for Facebook!) • Activity sheets for kids and a take-home Backpack Brochure for kids and parents • Web banners • Customizable press release and proclamation • ….and much more

  11. Time’s Up! • Q+A