swan committee of the whole meeting presented by aaron skog swan executive director april 9 2013 n.
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Update to Membership
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  1. SWAN Committee of the Whole Meeting Presented by Aaron Skog, SWAN Executive Director April 9, 2013 Update to Membership

  2. Today’s Agenda • Millennium Server Migration Update • Issues Resolved, Recent Performance • New Maintenance Hours • Reporter, Decision Center, and Release 2011 Update/Explanation • SWAN Support Website Update • ILS Committee Update • Orland Park and Elmhurst Public Library • Election Process • Ambassador Program • Next Meeting Dates

  3. Issues Resolved: Related to New Servers • Digital Signatures & Patron Images: library network adjustment recommended • E-Commerce with IE9 or older: FIXED • Reciprocal Activity Report: FIXED • Bib & Item Retrieval in Millennium: FIXED • Keyword Indexing: ADJUSTED (now 1 minute)

  4. Maintenance Hours: BIG WIN OLD: 2 ½ HOURS 10pm – 12:30pm          New: 30 minutes! Look for announcement

  5. Recent Performance Issues Millennium client “Compression” setting: III Support enabled to Help Resolve a Problem • But on Feb 28thfound it causes MilCirc to consume 100% processing power • Noted as a SWAN-only problem & DO NOT USE was added to account by III • March 28th: enabled by III in spite of known issue • “The root of this issue is the fact that this “safe at all other sites” setting happens when enabled on your system to cause the serious performance problems” • Software Fix Under Development by III

  6. Recent Performance Issues Monday April 1st : “This is Not an April Fools Joke” • Sunday night, WebPAC process wrote into Temp directory 4.3 GB of data, filled root partition • Caused Millennium System to barely function • Software Fix Under Development by III

  7. Other News • Boopsie Self-checkout app Hinsdale: ready • Westmont PL training on Millennium Acquisitions: led by SWAN’s Sam Dietel • Resolved IE issues with enhanced content Syndetics • Millennium Express Lane: E-Commerce • Credit card payments • Included in E-Commerce quarterly reimbursements

  8. Boopsie Mobile: Breakthrough • Hinsdale project: patron self-checkout on app • Technical success with SIP2 running in VPN to Boopsie servers • Limited only to Hinsdale patron barcodes • “BookCheck” going live Monday April 22

  9. Reporter & Decision Center • I recommend we cancel both subscriptions • Decision Center will merge with Reporter June 2013, i.e. new, untested product, Millennium upgrade to Release 2011 required • SWAN was not planning on moving to Release 2011 until Q3-Q4 of 2013 • Our original timeline for Reporter & Decision Center fit our goal of completing a new production roll-out for our consortia and then moving on to a decision on our future with Millennium. Now that the timeline was changed by Innovative, embarking on this six months into the ILS search is viewed poorly by the consortia • SWAN has numerous problems with Innovative support and the Millennium software which has caused our consortia to run in an unstable state. Introducing this new product that involves additional changes to our Millennium system is unwise • Sadly, SWAN spent more than a year of research and preparation went into Reporter and Decision Center

  10. SWAN Approach to Millennium Releases Why are we always behind on Releases? It is 2013 and we are on R2009B. • Releases go through several iterations • R2009B general release May 2010 > R2009B1 > R2009B1.1> R2009B1.2> R2009B1.4 July 2011 (our present version, SWAN upgraded Nov 2011) • R2011 general release Nov 2011 > R2011 1.3 Nov 2012 • Approach is strategic: wait for the release to get perfected (consortia & lg systems do this) • Evaluation: What is in the release? • R2009A was architectural, R2009B was full of staff features, R2011 is mostly fixes but is latest version • Depending, SWAN staff test & create documentation

  11. SWAN Support Website Update http://support.swanlibraries.net/

  12. SWAN Support Website Update Remaining Items • Training for SWAN staff: April • Instructional videos for member libraries: early May • Prepare Library Directors for access to new SWAN password webpage: June Quarterly

  13. SWAN Email List Update Email List Changes Coming in April swancom@mls.lib.il.us = swancom@swanlibraries.net “SWANCorps” list coming: SWAN membership list for discussion swancorps@swanlibraries.net Converting Other Lists: swanboard@swanlibraries.net swangova@swanlibraries.net swangovb@swanlibraries.net swangovc@swanlibraries.net swancirc@swanlibraries.net

  14. Network Changes • Originally planned mid-April, delayed due to III work & issues • IP address & Domain changes to move from mls.lib.il.us • Domain Name changes under consideration • IT Survey and Date Announcement Coming

  15. CSDirect Member Library Access Arranging SWAN library access to csdirect.iii.com

  16. ILS Committee Update SWAN ILS Committee Charge: • The SWAN ILS Committee will be expected to make written recommendations on the following: • Timeline and goals for ILS Committee; • The length of time to extend the current contract with Innovative Interfaces Inc.; • The primary features the next generation platform will require for SWAN for the next 10 years; • A process for evaluating ILS options which includes SWAN member library feedback from staff at various levels; • Decide if a request for proposal (RFP) is needed and if so, design and create one. • The goal is to make a presentation and recommendation to SWAN Board in April 2013. • Committee is preparing its recommendations for the SWAN Board April 19, 2013 Meeting

  17. Orland Park & Elmhurst Orland (ORS) • Completed migration to Polaris 4/3 • http://catalog.orlandparklibrary.org/polaris/ • SWAN approach to ORS patrons • Expire them, convert to Reciprocal Borrowers • Remove email addresses • During next patron purge, remove inactive ORS patrons • Items hidden in OPAC • Data to be deleted by III (paid by ORS) • Questions & Comments?

  18. Orland Park & Elmhurst Elmhurst (EHS) • Exiting SWAN in August 2013 • Melissa Gardner, SWAN Board President met with Mary Beth Campe • Migrating to Sierra as a standalone & utilizing LINKIN-LIBRARIES: INN-Reach “overlay” • Group of 8 libraries: Arlington Hts, College of DuPage, Cook Memorial, Deerfield, Elgin Community College, Gail Borden, Naperville, and Skokie. • http://www.linkin-libraries.org/ • Questions & Comments?

  19. SWAN Board Election • Nominating Committee: 2 Group A, 4 Group candidates solicited • Self-nominations : April 8th through April 26th • Election: May 6th through May 24th • New board will be announced the week of May 27th via SWANcom

  20. Ambassador Program • Ambassador Anne Kozak, Thomas Ford Public Library • update on her visits

  21. SWAN Meetings 2013 • Com of the Whole Meeting May 14: Prairie Trails Public Library District • Quarterly June 6: Oak Park Public Library • Quarterly Sept 5 rescheduled to Sept 12: Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library • Quarterly Dec 5: Prairie Trails Public Library District • Want to host? Contact Aaron or your board rep

  22. Questions & Discussion Aaron Skog, aaron.skog@railslibraries.info