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Supply Chain Analytic Solution for Business Growth PowerPoint Presentation
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Supply Chain Analytic Solution for Business Growth

Supply Chain Analytic Solution for Business Growth

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Supply Chain Analytic Solution for Business Growth

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  1. Supply Chain Analytics solutions Business Intelligence

  2. Introduction Supply chain analysis has evolved into an art over past several decades. In an attempt to monitor results, and establish goals and metrics, most enterprises have turned to enterprise analysis and supply chain reporting. Organizations recognize the importance, expenses and hidden values along the steps in the supply chain in an effort to optimize resources, ensure customer and partner satisfaction, and control costs.

  3. Aspects of Supply Chain The supply chain manager and other teams and individuals, with true business intelligence, engaged in various aspects of the supply chain, like: • Creating personalized dashboards • Establish objective goals • Key performance indicators • Monitor shipment systems • Generate reports using other enterprise applications

  4. Key Features of Supply Chain Analytics • Product demand is modelled. • Monitor each phase of the supply chain with automated alerts. • Information is analyzed and shared with the production planners to regulate plans and schedules. • Stock levels and fluctuations affecting customer demand is also monitored. • Track inventory age, patterns of routing, material usage, substitutions and product cycle. • Optimize supply chain costs and resources along with evaluating trends and managing inventory 

  5. Benefits of Analytic Solution As it is an intelligent system that has ability to get the structured and unstructured data and performed analysis on it to give better and instant results, it also empowered the executives with the latest, integrated metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze the inventory shortages, production yields, quality and services of vendors. Accurately forecast and plan with ongoing analysis of supply and demand during production and distribution.

  6. Analytic Dashboard results As this analytic system works on business intelligence and show results from different data types so it has complex dashboard but easy to understand with no prior knowledge. Its dashboard shows following analytic results: • Logistics & Routing Location Intelligence Analysis • SMA Impact Analysis • Advanced Algorithms and Shipping Model • Advanced Metrics Analysis

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