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5 herbs and spices to fight flu

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  1. 5 herbs and spices to fight flu and common cold naturally

  2. Common cold and flu are common during winter. Whether you are young or child, all suffer from common cold and flu during winters. And taking medicine all the time is not good. Here are some herbs and spices to fight against flu and common cold naturally, which is natural remedy to get rid off against cold and flu.

  3. Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper is not only used as a spice to get taste in food but also used to treat cold and flu because of its elements which contains heat. It also helps to reduce weight, high blood pressure and to reduce cholesterol. The best way to take cayenne pepper, to get relief from cold and flu is mix cayenne pepper in tea and also mix honey in that and sip gradually.

  4. Ginger:Ginger is used as a medicine in early times because it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which provides relieve in headaches as well as cold and flu also. It boosts up the immune system. It is consider as the best home remedy for the treatment of cold and flu. Take ginger with tea, to get relief from cold and flu.

  5. Garlic: Garlic adds great aroma and flavor in your food and it also used in the treatment of health. Garlic contains natural anti-oxidant and anti viral properties, which the chances of flu and cold. It boosts your immune system and it is beneficial to consume raw garlic. If you are not able consume raw garlic then there are multiple supplements of garlic which is beneficial for your health.

  6. Cinnamon:Cinnamon contains great flavor which is used in various food. It contains natural warming and anti-bacterial properties which helps in the treatment of cold, flu, cough etc. A nice cup of cinnamon tea can give relief from cold, cough and flu. Cinnamon is also beneficial if it is used in food.

  7. Mint: Mint is very helpful while you are suffering from cold and flu, it helps you to feel better and fight against cold and flu. Mint contains the property which is called menthol which helps to open up nasal passages. It is also aid in sore throat because of its cooling essence. Drinking mint tea or mix mint leaves in boiling water provides you relief in cold, flu and sore throat.

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