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This Could Be You

This Could Be You

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This Could Be You

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  1. This Could Be You Team Members: Lauren Petrie Tabitha Gilbert Lillian Pugh Priscilla Helfrich Advisor: Dave Logel Grand Ledge High School 2019 S4SD Campaign

  2. Mission Statement After a phenomenal week in March 2018 of promoting safe driving by calling attention to the dangers of distracted driving, we focused our 2019 campaign on the consequences of impaired driving. We hope to make a difference in our community by advocating for 100% focus during driving as well as shining a light on the loss others go through as a result of impaired driving. We want to do our part to help stop the leading cause of teen deaths.

  3. Goals • We want to see growth in our peers in the form of pre and post tests which can show us how our message was received. • We want our presentation to be touching, real, and eye-opening and for this experience to be a catalyst in the lives of students at our school to show them how to strive for a safer drive.

  4. Community Outreach To involve community members as well as advertise for our campaign, we created custom yard signs. By involving Grand Ledge families, our complementary yard signs are also placed in areas that students go by on their way to school and serve as a daily reminder of the message of our campaign: This Could Be You

  5. Specification of Events We hosted a Safe Driving Week over March 11th-15th in which students at Grand Ledge High School had the opportunity to participate in a number of activities with the aim of impaired driving education. These events occurred at a variety of times throughout the day as well as spanning every day of the week so that we could reach as many students as possible with our message. There is something for everyone to enjoy and learn about during Safe Driving Week 2019!

  6. Our Campaign: Online To keep the student body and our community updated with what we are up to in our campaign, we posted to an Instagram page dedicated to the This Could Be You movement. We also posted to our own website throughout the planning process of Safe Driving Week and during the week of. Students and the public were able to take pictures and write posts across all social media platforms and tag our campaign with #thiscouldbeyou. We are also active on Twitter to reach students who use this platform to stay in the loop.

  7. Pre-Safe Driving Week 2019 Pre-Test went live March 4th One week before the kickoff of Safe Driving Week we emailed a Google form to all students at GLHS. The google form included 6 multiple choice questions that featured the topic of impaired driving. The results of this pretest served as our “control group” information, since the students had not yet had the opportunity to learn about impaired driving through our This Could Be You campaign.

  8. Safe Driving Week 2019 Kickoff: Monday, March 11 To kick off the week students were able to post and send pictures using our personally designed Snapchat location filter. This helped hype up the school and get our message out there to the entire student body via their own phones. To kick off Safe Driving Week we hosted 5 assemblies (one during each class period of the day) on Monday, March 11th for students to attend during their math class. With this greatly appreciated cooperation with school administration we are able to reach nearly every student throughout the day. After a brief intro with impaired driving stats we will be sharing an interview with a survivor of an impaired driving crash and Howell native, Jeff Minock. His harrowing personal account showed students the cost of driving under the influence.

  9. Monday Highlights

  10. Tuesday, March 12th For our afternoon event students will have the opportunity to try a seat belt convincer. Students can climb into the simulator and feel the acceleration and breaking involved in a crash, but it doesn’t stop there. Students will also be able to feel what a seatbelt does to keep them safe in the event of a crash and the numerous benefits to wearing one.

  11. Tuesday Highlights

  12. Wednesday, March 13 At about 7:00 am, before students began to enter the building, our team hid ten toy cars around the school. When students found cars they brought them to a designated classroom and exchanged the car for a campaign T-shirt. During both scheduled lunches outside of the cafeteria our team was ready with goggles that simulate alcohol intoxication. Once the student had their goggles in place they were challenged to put cream cheese on a bagel as well as fill a cup with water and take a drink.

  13. Wednesday Highlights

  14. Thursday, March 14 During both lunches our team set up with copies of the Ford Driving Skills for Life pledge. After students took the pledge they received one of our campaign keychains to put on their keys so they can always remember that driving safe is the safest bet. The students also got to check out some Fords!

  15. Thursday Highlights

  16. Friday, March 15th From 10:00am to 12:30pm we had a driving simulator available for students to test out. While they are using the simulator students were confronted with a variety of distractions and dangers that teens and adults deal with over the course of a drive.

  17. Friday Highlights

  18. Post-Safe Driving Week 2019 Post-Test went live March 18th One week after Safe Driving Week concluded we emailed a Google form once again to every student at GLHS. This form featured the same 6 multiple choice questions on the topic of impaired driving as the pretest. After students had the opportunity to learn about impaired driving all week long, the results of this post-test will served as our “experimental group” information. We will then analyze the data between the pre and post-test to develop the effectiveness of our campaign.

  19. Our Budget

  20. Our Timeline • November 28th, 2018: Selected schools are notified and campaigns may begin • We want to have our simulators, as well as our guest speaker confirmed by December 15, 2018 • By January 15th, 2019 we want to have all campaign swag ordered • By January 20th, 2019 our Meijer gift cards need to be purchased • By February 1st our script for the all-school assemblies needs to be completed • By February 15th, 2019 we need to put together the facts attached to the candy that we will hand out • By February 20th, 2019 our copies of the Ford Driving Skills for Life pledge need to be printed out and ready to go • By February 24th we will have gone door to door on the streets surrounding GLHS and asked community members to support our campaign by placing one of our yard signs in their yard (free of charge of course)

  21. Our Timeline cont. • By February 25th, 2019 we need to have ordered our unique location Snapchat filter for use during Safe Driving Week • Also by February 25th, 2019 (one week before kickoff) we need to have created and emailed our impaired driving pretest to the student body in a google form • By February 28th, 2019 we need to package up the campaign goodie bags • March 4th-8th 2019: Safe Driving Week • By March 11th, 2019 (one week after kickoff) we need to have created and emailed our impaired driving post-test to the student body in a google form • By March 18th, 2019 we will compare the results of the pre and post-tests and reflect on the entirety of our campaign • By March 25th, 2019 we will complete and finalize our campaign presentation and upload our video to YouTube • March 29th, 2019: Final project due • April 2019: Winning schools announced • May 2019: Ride and Drive event

  22. Our Swag Stickers Keychains

  23. Our Swag cont. Buttons Wristbands

  24. Our Swag cont. With the products we purchased we worked to get our message out and provide an incentive for students to really want to strive for a safer drive. T-Shirts

  25. Thank You! #ThisCouldBeYou