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Call: Wed, 10/05/11 4-5pm ET PowerPoint Presentation
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Call: Wed, 10/05/11 4-5pm ET

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Call: Wed, 10/05/11 4-5pm ET - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Call: Wed, 10/05/11 4-5pm ET. Agenda: 4:00 – 4:05 Welcome, Riki Merrick, co-lead [Note: attendance will be taken by livemeeting login] 4:05 – 4:15 Initiative logistics update, Nikolay Lipskiy & Lise Stevens, co-leads

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Call: Wed, 10/05/11 4-5pm ET

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call wed 10 05 11 4 5pm et
Call: Wed, 10/05/11 4-5pm ET


4:00 – 4:05 Welcome, Riki Merrick, co-lead

[Note: attendance will be taken by livemeetinglogin]

4:05 – 4:15 Initiative logistics update, NikolayLipskiy & Lise Stevens, co-leads

4:15 – 4:25 Initiative work plan, Lise Stevens & Riki Merrick, co-leads

4:25 – 4:50 Starting discussion on PH reporting definitions based on the HITSP document, NikolayLipskiy, Riki Merrick, co-leads

4:50 – 4:55 Review of Action Items, Lise Stevens, co-lead

4:55 – 5:00 Final Comments 


S&I Public Health Reporting Roadmap

Decision on selection of use cases

Starting working on specific use cases

Final version of the Charter




  • Phase 2
  • (January-May 2012)
  • Harmonization of selected use cases into a single use case
  • Identification of core data elements
  • Development of implementation documentation
  • Working on terminology
  • Harmonization of vocabulary
  • Completion of assessment of business process, policy barriers
  • Proposing public health objectives for Stage 3 MU
  • Environmental scan of existing shared utilities for public health reporting and development of a vision on a public health hub for collection, sharing and maintenance
  • Development of a vision on a purpose and scope of testing and certification of systems for public health reporting
  • Working on harmonization of FHA and segment enterprise architecture for public health reporting
  • Phase 1
  • (September-December 2011)
  • Charter has been finalized
  • All participants work together on
  • - assessment of needs for the process
  • - building a consensus on public health reporting definitions
  • - building a consensus on a scope of the Public Health Reporting HIT Standardization Framework
  • - development of criteria and selection use cases
  • - defining a list of WGs
  • Forming workgroups and starting assessment of existing artifacts in a scope of the initiative
  • Development of detailed work plan

S&I Public Health Reporting Call Schedule:

  • Wednesdays - 4-5pm ET (October - December 2011)
discussion on public health reporting definitions
Discussion on Public Health Reporting Definitions

Nikolay Lipskiy, Riki Merrick

October 5th, 2011

hitsp definitions
HITSP Definitions


3.1 Definitions

conceptual framework for public health reporting
Conceptual Framework for Public Health Reporting
  • Use of Conceptual Models/Conceptual Frameworks*
  • Definition of a common language
  • Basis for precise formulation of goals, rules, policies, processes and so on
  • Basis for definition of spatial (math.) concepts
  • Basis for design of application schemas
  • Explanation of application schemas when applying standards
  • Basis for dictionaries in application areas

* Adapted from:

initial case report conceptual framework
Initial Case Report: Conceptual Framework


Select 3-5 use cases as examples of public health reporting. At first, we will focus on the initial case report (individual patient-level reporting) from EHR- systems to local/state/federal public health agencies

“An initial case report is defined as a type of public health reporting that contains initial notification of an occurrence or it may contain specific information about what occurred. A classic example of initial case report is a report about occurrence or suspected case of a "notifiable" disease by a practitioner to local, state or federal public health agencies.[4] In the context of this Initiative, we will use this term to describe initial reporting from clinical electronic health record (EHR)systems to public health agencies on a public health occurrence (event) for all use cases, e.g., maternal and child health, injuries, immunization, chronic diseases and other public health programs (domains). “ Charter, p.4

terminology initial case report cont
Terminology: Initial Case Report (cont.)

Initial Case Report

(object, class)






Initial Information


Initial Case Report

(object, class)


From EHR system

(source of information)

Information about what occurred





Public Health Report


ph case ph report conceptual framework
PH Case/ PH Report Conceptual Framework

From a comparative analysis of definitions:

Public Health Case(s)

Public Health Report

PH event (s)/condition (s)

Information about event(s)

EHR information of PH interest (PH case: case criteria, trigger data and events, AE: trigger data and reporting specifications–AHIC)

Sources of information

Input from participants needed

Information from Public Health Systems (local, state and federal)

Not included for phase 1

initial public health reporting conceptual framework cont
Initial Public Health Reporting : Conceptual Framework (cont.)

Initial Report?

Follow-up Report?

Public health report 1 (i.e. preliminary lab results report)

Public health report 4 (i.e. final lab results report)


PH reporting process 1

Public health case

PH reporting process 2

Public health report 2 (i.e. admission data)

Public health report 5 (i.e. death certificate)

PH reporting process 3

Public health report 3 (i.e. Adverse Event (AE))

Trigger event

public health operational framework and potential scope for initial case reporting
Public Health Operational Framework* and Potential Scope for Initial Case Reporting

Input from participants needed

-candidate for initial case reporting, phase I of the S&I activity

*IHE Quality Public Health and Research (QPHR) Technical Supplement Framework (TSF) Public Health Reporting (PH-rpt)


Public Health Reporting: Conceptual Framework (cont.)








Business Process

IS Functions

PH Case

PH Reporting

Business Area

Functional Requirements

PH …office

PH Event (condition)


Information exchange


*IHE Quality Public Health and Research (QPHR) Technical Supplement Framework (TSF) Public Health Reporting (PH-rpt)

what to do
What to Do:
  • Post your comments on the first set of public health reporting terms (“public health case”, “public health report”, “public health reporting” and “initial case reporting”)
  • Work on a conceptual framework for public health reporting/presentation’s slides
  • Start working on review of a conceptual coordination for public health reporting that was included into the IHE Public Health Reporting (PH-rpt) at:
  • Post your comments on the next set terms for public health operational framework from a slide (“business area”, “domain”, “business process” and “information system functions” )
  • Provide your opinion on a list of terms for further discussion