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Fish oil supplement' PowerPoint Presentation
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Fish oil supplement'

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Fish oil supplement' - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fish oil supplement'

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'Fish oil supplement': Be fat kidsIs fish oil fatten, vitamin does give cause obesity, bulimia, obesity makes syrupsScale Fish oil supplement, two tablespoons of honey equal calories of the importance of fish oil omega-3 fatty acids it contains. These are "docosahexaenoic acid" (DHA) and "eicosapentaeonic acid" is (EPA). Fish oil is obtained in two ways: liver, fish and fish oil in a quantity derived from the liver, especially F, vitamin A and D may contain. Both intakes are difficult because of the smell. For this reason, the use of synthetic DHA and DHA derived from marine plants are concerned. Fish oil contains a small amount of energy. However, the child would not lose weight aldıracak level. For example, a scale contains as much energy as two teaspoons of honey. In some studies, fish oil is claimed to relieve the anxiety and depression in children. This situation is perceived and experienced as a child's appetite; "eating their reaction was" positive affect in children can eat better for a while. However, this change proves fish oil stimulates the appetite. Moreover, this effect is the difference in the level of each child develops. Proven reliability and no one may be incurred for each child. For all these reasons "fatten their children fish oil," he is impossible to make generalizations. Child health and nutrition commissions and relevant international organizations as a proven and evidence-based recommendations in the routine of their proposed "routine fish oil" supplements are not included. Recommended nutrient needs of healthy and natural is to meet with nutrition. For this reason, omega-3 fatty acids, is sufficient to meet the needs of natural foods, including fish in the first. Green leafy vegetables, seaweed, sea bean, walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, dry beans are the Omega-3 fatty acids. The doctor should give an appetizing syrup is a relative assessment of appetite too. Often mothers children to eat foods they see fit as they like, or are regarded as apathetic. The baby's height and weight within the normal range is increasing constantly and regularly, there is no need to use these drugs. However, loss of appetite in children as a baby or are already an identified problem, "eating lunch to reject" is developed in response to food and children's meals in a short period of time that may be used to help break the resistance. It must decide whether the physician. Usually allergy medications increase appetite. However, routine and widely used as an application, each child does not exist. Also in the improving nutritional problems alone are not sufficient. During this period, "the mother-child relationship between diet-eating" also arranged. The impact of parental drug, and must support appropriate behavior models. Vitamins appetite does not open; he does not care Kilo Da appetite common vitamins do not unlike the imagination. Therefore, the weight does not care. American Academy of Pediatrics, especially after many years of international nutrition of a commission does not recommend routine vitamin supplements. In detail the story of the child's diet should be assessed and vitamin supplements if needed. Water-soluble vitamins are excreted in urine. The dietary fat and fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed according to the needs of the body stores. Therefore nutritive oral toxicity observed. For these reasons is widely used. However, it widely used vitamins in universe. Why is frequently used in vitamins? Families are themselves. The family physician expects the author to resolve. Pharmaceutical industry encourages the consumption of vitamins. Availability exaggerated especially in the treatment of common symptoms and move away from the real importance they are supported. For example, short stature, weakness, school performance, etc. In such cases, zinc, fish oil, vitamin-nutrients and minerals such as iron, so it is said. Junk the junk foods you are allowed up to? So-called junk-food children's favorite foods are usually sources of calories in a one-way. Salt / sugar and fat are the most important features. Have no place in a healthy and balanced and adequate nutrition. However, in a way that every child has a tendency to consume food meets. The children acquainted with these foods should be delayed as much as possible. When they do not eat your food rather than eat a meal is not a food group. The child should not be allowed to establish such a relationship. These foods, meals for the child should not be used as the time of award in order to ensure normal feeding. In particular temperamental, robust, or is not healthy to consume large amounts of fat in children unsupervised.