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What Drives Our Work PowerPoint Presentation
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What Drives Our Work

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What Drives Our Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Division-wide Meeting January 14, 2011 Leadership in our Dynamic Environment Fred Balcom, Director Special Education Division. What Drives Our Work .

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Division-wide MeetingJanuary 14, 2011Leadership in our Dynamic EnvironmentFred Balcom, DirectorSpecial Education Division

what drives our work
What Drives Our Work

The mission of the Special Education Division is to serve the unique needs of individuals with disabilities so that each person will meet or exceed high standards of achievement in academic and non-academic skills. This achievement will be represented by the ability of each person, in natural and formal settings, to demonstrate successful personal, vocational and social interaction including transition to the workplace and independent living.

core values
Core Values
  • Our values are motivated by our beliefs in each individual with a disability
  • The range of human diversity is embraced and the rights of all to equity and access are guaranteed
  • All individuals (birth-22) will be educated in general education or natural environments to the maximum extent possible and will receive quality services based on their individually assessed needs
core values cont
Core Values (Cont.)
  • Each individual (birth-22) will have options and will be prepared to make choices
  • Services delivered to all individuals (birth-22) are based on research and best practice
  • I.D.E.A. and state laws drive our decisions, programs and actions
  • We focus our efforts to create powerful and positive results through collaborative partnerships

We must:

  • All be leaders
  • Be leaders who are ambitious for the cause, the organization, the work
  • Have the right people on the bus, in the right seats
people cont
People (Cont.)

We must:

  • Be rigorous in our selection process until we have found the right person
  • Give a person the chance to prove himself or herself in a different seat
  • Deal with the issue when we know we need to make a personnel change

We must:

  • Retain unwavering faith
  • Confront the most brutal facts of our current reality
  • Conduct “autopsies without blame”
  • Have our leaders ask a lot of questions when issues are being decided
honesty cont
Honesty (Cont.)

We must:

  • Expect that when people advance a point of view or make an argument, they marshal evidence, facts, and rigorous thinking
  • Believe that greatness is a function of conscious choice—and discipline. It is up to us.
decision making

We must:

  • Operate by a series of good decisions
  • Have a simple, coherent mission that we pursue with relentless consistency.
  • Almost always pick the simplest option that will work if we have multiple options for how to accomplish something

We must:

  • Have disciplined people who engage in disciplined thought and who take disciplined action
  • Have an immense amount of freedom to innovate, achieve and contribute within the wide bounds of the framework
  • Distinguish between just doing assigned tasks and taking full responsibility for the results of our efforts
responsibility cont
Responsibility (Cont.)

We must:

  • Avoid bureaucracy that imposes unnecessary rules
  • Have people go to extremes to fulfill their commitments and deliver results
  • Behave with consistency—consistency of purpose, consistency of values, consistency of high standards

We must:

  • Consistently apply ourselves over a long period of time.
  • Undersell, and then blow people away with our actual results.

We must:

  • Adhere to core values combined with a willingness to challenge and change our assumptions
  • Never change what we stand for
  • Never stop changing how we do things
focus cont
Focus (Cont.)

We must:

  • Have a culture that so consistently reinforces our core values that those who do not share the values are ejected like a virus
  • Be consistent with our values

We must:

  • Adapt through multiple generations of leaders
  • Have the exact opposite of being built around a single leader, great idea or specific program
  • Have red flag mechanisms that bring brutal facts to our attention
  • Have mechanisms designed to force us to continually improve
is this us
Is this us?

We must ask ourselves:

  • Is this me?
  • If not, why not?
  • Are we striving for these goals?
  • Are we thinking beyond ourselves?
  • How can we become the best at what we do?