Ifip and tc 13 awards and prizes
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IFIP and TC 13 awards and prizes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IFIP and TC 13 awards and prizes. IFIP silver core award.

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Ifip and tc 13 awards and prizes

IFIP and TC 13 awards and prizes

Ifip silver core award
IFIP silver coreaward

  • The IFIP silver coreawardis conferred on thosewhohaveserved IFIP as General Assembly (GA) members, committee officers, membersof IFIP Congress Program Committees, and editors ofproceedingsof IFIP conferences.

  • The requiredlengthof service varieswith the role.

  • The president of IFIP mayalsoproposeindividualswhohave given exceptional service to IFIP.

  • (Thosereaderswhohaveentered the fieldof information processing in recent yearsmay not realizethat the IFIP logo represents a magneticcore <a toroidalmemorydevicethatwasonce the most common typeof computer memory> and its wires, with a globesuperimposed. The award, firstestablished in 1974, wasnamedafterthis symbol of the computer technologyofthattime.)

Ifip silver core award1
IFIP silver coreaward

  • 2010 Annelise Mark-Pejtersen, Philippe Palanque

  • 2007 Jan Gulliksen, Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture, Lars Oestreicher, Paula Kotze

  • 2004 - 

  • 2001 Alistair Kilgour

  • 1998 Julio Abascal, John M. Carroll, Gilbert Cockton, Peter Gorny, Judy Hammond, Tom Hewitt, Jenny Preece, Alistair Sutcliffe, Gerrit van derVeer

  • 1995 Claus Unger, Len Bass

  • 1992 Brian Shackel

  • 1989 Christian Gram

Ifip silver core award2
IFIP silver coreaward

  • 2013???

  • The chairmaynominate for it, pleaseinformmeof special services that I may not be awareofthatwouldconstitute a goodnomination for the award.

Ifip outstanding service a ward
IFIP Outstanding Service Award

  • The OSA, established in 1988, is given for services renderedto IFIP by TC and WG members, on recommendationof TC chairman and approval by the Internal Awards Committee. Eligible for nominationare TC and WG members not normallyeligible for the Silver Core Award.

Ifip outstanding service award
IFIP Outstanding service award

  • 2008 Gitte Lindegaard

  • 1997 Lars Oestreicher

  • 1995 Svein-Arne Arnesen

Ifip outstanding service award1
IFIP Outstanding service award

  • Given everyyear.

  • The TC13 chair has beenaskedtoprovidenominationsnow.

Brian shackel award
Brian Shackelaward

The Brian Shackel Award is associatedwitheach INTERACT Conference, usuallybiennial, and is torecognize the most outstanding contribution in the form of a refereed paper submittedto and delivered at the Conference.

The purpose is todraw attention tothe need for a comprehensive human-centered approach in the design and useof information technologyin which the human and social implicationshavebeen taken intoaccount.

The Award consistsof a commemorative plaque and a certificate.

Brian shackel award1
Brian Shackelaward

  • Issueshavebeenraisedaround the process for acquiringnominations and for selecting the recipient – should the process be madeeasier?

  • A permanent BSA awardscommittee???

  • Increase the visibility – nowherecanyou read who has received it

Wg 13 3 accessibility award
WG 13.3 accessibilityaward

  • The ACCESSIBILITY AWARD recognizes an outstanding contributionwith international impact in the fieldofaccessibility for disabledusers in human computer interaction.

  • The ACCESSIBLITY AWARD is associatedwitheach INTERACT Conference, usuallybiennial, and is awarded for the most outstanding contribution on ageing, disability and inclusive design in the form of a refereed paper submittedto and delivered at the Conference.

  • Working Group 13.3 on HCI and Disability offers thisaward in order todraw attention to the information technologywhichtakesintoaccount the needs and preferencesofpeoplewhoareolder and disabled. Thismay be in the form ofan assistivetechnologyspecifically for older and disabledpeople, or a generic design solution thatwould be moreusable for a widerrangeofpeople.

Wg 13 3 accessibility award1
WG 13.3 accessibilityaward

  • Issueshavebeenraised as to the validityofthisaward. Veryfewpapers fit thisscope and the selection process have not gonesmoothly.

  • It does not seemto be recognized as an officialaward on the IFIP web site under awards

Ifip pioneers
IFIP pioneers

  • No formal process

  • No guidelines

  • Upto the TC totreatwhichwaywewantto

Ifip pioneers1
IFIP pioneers

  • TC 3: ”onewho, throughactive participation in IFIP TechnicalCommittees or related IFIP groups, has made outstanding contributionsto the theoretical, technical, commercial or professionalaspectsofcomputing.” 5 pioneers

  • TC 5: 4 pioneers

  • TC 6: 8 pioneers

  • TC 11: 14 pioneers

  • TC 12: 1 pioneer

  • TC 13: 2 pioneers

Ifip pioneers2
IFIP pioneers

  • Brian Shackel and Liam Bannonwerenamed IFIP pioneers in 2010

  • Shouldweformalize it?

  • Shouldweappointother IFIP TC 13 pioneers

Ifip pioneers in tc 13
IFIP pioneers in TC 13

  • Suggested definition:

  • ”onewho, throughactive participation in IFIP TechnicalCommittees or related IFIP groups, has made outstanding contributionsto the educational, theoretical, technical, commercial or professionalaspectsofanalysis, design, construction, evaluation and useofinteractive systems.”

New awards
New awards

  • Philippe has a suggestion…

  • Inspiredofwhatwasdone by Joaquim in Lisboa