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Books 13-17 review

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Books 13-17 review. The Odyssey. Book 13: “One More Strange Land”. In disbelief, Odysseus awakens on the shore of Ithaka and hides his treasures in a cave. Athena disguises him as a beggar. Odysseus concludes his story.

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book 13 one more strange land
Book 13: “One More Strange Land”
  • In disbelief, Odysseus awakens on the shore of Ithaka and hides his treasures in a cave.
  • Athena disguises him as a beggar.

Odysseus concludes his story.

King Alkinoos makes a sacrifice to Zeus, prepares gifts for Odysseus, and organizes a crew to take him home to Ithaka.

Poseidon, angry that the Phaiakians helped Odysseus, asks for Zeus’s permission to destroy the cutter and “heave a mass of mountains in a ring around the city”

(Od. 13.190-191).

book 14 hospitality in the forest
Book 14: “Hospitality in the Forest”
  • Odysseus is welcomed in Eumaios’s hut…

”You must eat something, drink some wine,

and tell me where you are from and the hard

times you have seen” (Od.14.54-55).

  • He curses “the race of Helen” for the loss of his master (Od.14.83).
  • Eumaios tells the beggar about the suitors plot to ambush Telemakhos.
  • Odysseus is pleased to see the swineherd’s dedication to his flock and his master.
book 15 how they came to ithaka
Book 15: “How They Came to Ithaka”
  • Athena warns Telemakhos about the suitors, particularly Eurymakhos. He is to gather his riches and hide them with a trusted servant.
  • The suitors are “hot for murder, waiting in a channel…they mean to kill you before you can set foot ashore” (Od. 15.42-45).
  • Theoklymenos interprets a bird sign that Telemakhos’ family will be in power forever.
  • Telemakhos heads to the swineherd’s hut.
book 16 father and son
Book 16: “Father and Son”
  • Telemakhos arrives at the swineherd’s hut; they rejoice, feast, etc. and then Telemakhos send Eumaios to the castle to tell Penelope that he has safely returned.
  • Athena removes Odysseus’s disguise; however, Telemakhos initially believes that “meddling spirits conceived this trick to twist the knife in [him]” (Od. 17.230).
  • After some convincing, Telemakhos throws his arms around his father and “salt tears rose from the wells of longing in both men” (Od. 17. 255-256).
  • They devise a plan; Odysseus stresses that Telemakhos must “hold down his anger” even if the suitors berate/attack Odysseus; finally, he needs to gather all of the weapons and place them in the vault (Od.17.329).
book 17 the beggar and the manor
Book 17: “The Beggar and The Manor”
  • Eumaios brings Odysseus to the castle; on the way, he notices Argos, “lying near…treated as rubbish now, he lay upon a mass of dung before the gates (Od. 17. 383-384).
  • Why is this episode symbolic?
  • Odysseus is mistreated by the suitors, particularly Antinoos.
  • Penelope discovers that the beggar has news of her husband.