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One Platform, One Solution: eToken TMS 5.1 Customer Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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One Platform, One Solution: eToken TMS 5.1 Customer Presentation

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One Platform, One Solution: eToken TMS 5.1 Customer Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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November 2009. One Platform, One Solution: eToken TMS 5.1 Customer Presentation. Agenda. The authenticator life-cycle management challenge eToken TMS (Token Management System) eToken TMS 5.1 Value Proposition Success Stories. Authentication Management Challenge.

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One Platform, One Solution: eToken TMS 5.1 Customer Presentation

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Presentation Transcript

November 2009

  • One Platform, One Solution: eToken TMS 5.1
  • Customer Presentation
  • The authenticator life-cycle management challenge
  • eToken TMS (Token Management System)
  • eToken TMS 5.1 Value Proposition
  • Success Stories
authentication management challenge
Authentication Management Challenge

A token management system enables full life-cycle management and centralized control of all authentication operations

It involves a number of interrelated elements:

  • UsersIdentities in the organization
  • Security devicesAuthentication devices provided to users
  • Organizational policiesAccess rights for user groups; required security measures
  • Security applicationsApplications to be used by each user (e.g. network logon, disk encryption)
authenticator life cycle management
Authenticator Life-Cycle Management
  • Authenticator assignment
  • Authenticator enrollment
  • Authenticator update
  • Password reset/change
  • Authenticator replacement
  • Authenticator revocation/ disablement
etoken tms framework view
eToken TMS Framework View
  • Robust system for deploying, managing and using authenticators
  • eToken TMS links users, organizational policies, security devices & security applications
etoken tms unique selling points
eToken TMS Unique Selling Points
  • One platform, one solution
  • Simple IT infrastructure = less IT support
  • Intuitive user self-service and automated processes
  • Low TCO
  • Flexibility to support new applications
  • Authenticator inventory and usage control
  • Enhanced user productivity and security, lost token replacement scenarios
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reduced administrative errors
etoken tms 5 1 the highlights
eToken TMS 5.1 - The Highlights
  • One platform, one solution
  • From OTP to CBA and software authentication
    • Support for innovative new authenticators
      • eToken PRO Anywhere
      • eToken Virtual
      • MobilePASS
    • Seamless migration from SafeWord OTP to eToken TMS and certificate-based authentication
etoken tms 5 1 key features
eToken TMS 5.1 Key Features
  • Unified life-cycle management system for PKI and OTP
    • Integrated with MS AD, ADAM, SQL, OpenLDAP, eDirectory
    • Easy evolution from OTP to CBA and advanced apps
    • Integrated with 3rd party solutions – full disk encryption, digital signing
    • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Available in multiple languages
  • Ensures data security
    • Built-in data encryption
  • Enhanced management
    • Centralized client software deployment
    • Web based self-service, help desk, admin tools, + enrollment portal
    • Lost token on the road solution
  • Enables compliance
    • Role-based administration
    • Auditing and reporting capabilities
etoken tms 5 1

eToken TMS 5.1

The Value Proposition

For Your Customers

who needs etoken tms 5 1
Who needs eToken TMS 5.1?
  • Existing customers that need the new authenticators and/or features
  • Existing SafeWord customers looking to add certificate based authentication
  • New customers such as organizations with:
    • Large authenticator deployments
    • Multiple sites
    • Fast moving businesses where a quick response time is critical
    • The need to enable access to employees, partners or customers located offsite
    • Compliance requirements
freedom to evolve
Freedom to evolve
  • Extensible, scalable authentication solution, from secure remote or web access today,
  • to CBA and advanced applications
  • such as digital signing, disk encryption tomorrow.
  • Move from OTP only to a more comprehensive environment including certificate-based authentication
  • Supports certificate-based advanced security applications e.g. digital signing, disk encryption
  • Extensive range of authenticators
  • Smooth migration path from SafeWord to eToken TMS, including Safeword OTP authenticators
flexibility to choose
Flexibility to choose

Flexible, modular system

supporting extensive OTP and PKI range

of authenticators and security apps

  • Vast range of authenticators and security apps
  • New software authenticators:
    • eToken Virtual - full public key cryptographic token functionality completely in software.
    • MobilePASS - Convenience of one-time passwords generated on personal mobile devices or PCs
      • Windows for PC and BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Java ME-enabled devices, and Symbian for mobile devices
easy otp deployment and management
Easy OTP Deployment and Management
  • dedicated installation option for OTP only
  • Automatic OTP Sync that automatically resets the OTP seed in sync with the server, whenever necessary
  • Easy integration with applications such as Citrix, OWA, IIS, IAS, including a new OTP plug-in for Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007
  • Extended OTP authenticator support
    • GOLD including PIN protect, challenge response functionality
    • Alpine time and event based
    • eToken PASS (time based in addition to existing event based)

Express OTP installation and configuration

enabling your business anywhere
Enabling your business anywhere

Anywhere access to web-based applications,

corporate networks, online services and business portals

for authorized customers, partners and employees

  • eToken PRO Anywhere
    • Strong, certificate-based authentication, with plug and play simplicity
    • Zero footprint and no need for installation of desktop client software
    • Digital signing capabilities
    • Now, with remote user self-enrollment and secure access to advanced online services e.g. password reset
managing authentication efficiently
Managing authentication efficiently

Convenient and efficient authenticator life-cycle management

Including deployments, assignments and revocations, plus remote self-service options

supported by auditing and reporting capabilities.

  • Extensible, open platform, with updated platform support
  • SafeWord seamless migration
  • eToken TMS self service & TMS remote support now available for Linux & MAC, in addition to Windows
  • Badging /card printing: extensible connectivity to a range of third party card printers enabling integrated printing of employee cards
a few etoken tms success stories
A few eToken TMS Success Stories
  • Arab Bank, Switzerland
  • Virgin Mobile, France
  • Alfa Bank, Russia
  • York Regional Police, Canada