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  1. acquire v. get; gain possession ofThe library was able to acquire a new set of encyclopedias.diversity n. variety; differenceThe diversity of plants in this forest is amazing.exquisite adj. very beautiful; delicateWe admired the exquisite painting of water lilies in a pond.flourishing adj. growing vigorously; bloomingSun, rain, and hard work will create a flourishing garden.foliage n. leaves of trees and plantsThe brochure showed deer half-hidden in the foliage.groves n. groups of treesThe groves of tall trees provided shade in summer.lofty adj. high; tallLofty skyscrapers lined both sides of the street.specimens n. samples; typical examplesShe collected specimens of shells she found on the beach.abundance n. great quantity; plentyAn abundance of wildlife filled the forest and the plain.

  2. affliction n. cause of pain or sufferingThe disease is an affliction he learned to endure.depart v. leave; go awayWe dressed quickly so that we could depart on time.dispatched v. killed; finished offI was so hungry I dispatched the meal in a few minutes.exceeds v. goes beyond; outdoesHer intellect far exceeds what this simple job demands.indications n. signs; things that showAll the weather indications point toward a coming storm.obscured v. made difficult to seeWe slowed down because the fog obscured the road.occupant n. person existing in a placeThe police questioned the occupant of each apartment.abodes n. houses; dwellingsThe castle amazed those who lived in simple abodes.advantageous adj. favorable; goodIt is advantageous to students to read that book.

  3. circuit n. way or journey aroundThe moon makes a circuit of the earth twelve times a year.demonstration n. show of feelingHis tears were a demonstration of terrible sadness.obstacles n. things that get in the wayToo many obstacles stopped me from reaching my goal.provisions n. food and suppliesWe brought enough provisions for a week of camping.reception n. the act of being received or metThe people gave his plan for taxes an angry reception.starvation n. extreme hungerCrop failure caused the country to face starvation.entreated v. begged; pleadedThe audience entreated her to sing one more song.