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Unit 6 Public Relations PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 6 Public Relations

Unit 6 Public Relations

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Unit 6 Public Relations

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  1. 世纪商务英语 听说教程 4 (第四版) Unit 6Public Relations

  2. Learning Objectives • To get to know the goal of public relations. • To know the scope of public relations. • To understand what a company does in order to win the goodwill of people. • To be able to play roles in a given public relations situation.

  3. 1 Part I Active Listening 2 Part II Fun Break 3 Part III Additional Listening 4 Part IV Viewing & Speaking Contents

  4. Dialogue 1 Active Listening Visiting the Factory Words and Expressions

  5. Tapescript Active Listening Exercise 1 Directions: Listen to a dialogue and fill in the following table. ___________ leading ___________ 34 ___________ launched _______________ performance ___________ ________ 20,000 300 _________ 40% _______ 7%

  6. Active Listening Exercise 2 Directions:Listen to the dialogue again and answer the following questions. 1. What is the relationship between the two speakers? ____________________________________________________________ Customer and seller. 2. From which section did they start the tour? ____________________________________________________________ They started from the assembly line. 3. How does the company prepare for urgent orders? ____________________________________________________________ They keep a stock of the fast-moving items.

  7. Dialogue 2 Active Listening A PR Person’s Responsibility Words and Expressions

  8. Tapescript Active Listening Exercise 1 Directions: Listen to a dialogue and put the following words or phrases in the correct category. the public in general employees buyers of a product independent contractors stockholders users of a service family members of employees members of the news media ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ employees independent contractors family members of employees stockholders ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ the public in general buyers of a product users of a service members of the news media

  9. Active Listening Exercise 2 Directions: Listen to the dialogue again and fill in the table with the information you hear. _______________________ _______________________ company magazines, letters, notices, and periodic reports decide when and how to release information. _____________________ _____________________ advertising the organization’s officials _____________________ _____________________

  10. Passage Active Listening Coca-Cola’s Success Words and Expressions

  11. Tapescript Active Listening Exercise 1 Directions:Directions: Listen to a passage and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F). 1. Coca-Cola and Soutirages Luxembourgeois are business partners. 2. The intention of the campaign is to promote Coca-Cola’s product. 3. The events lasted from June 1st to September 14th, 2002. 4. There were 20 hot air balloons including three 150 feet high Coca-Cola bottles and one 60 feet high Polar Bear in the Balloon Night Glow. 5. Coca-Cola Balloon Night Glow attracted 14,000 visitors during the day. 6. Coca-Cola Balloon Night Glow was reported on newspapers and TV. 7. Although the campaign was a great success with the public, it left a bad impression on the city authorities. 8. After the campaign, sales got promoted. ( ) F ( ) T ( ) F ( ) F ( ) F ( ) F ( ) F ( ) F

  12. Active Listening Exercise 2 Directions:Listen to the passage again and fill in the table with the information you hear. _____________ a nice image ____________ proximity ___________ laser show __________________ press conferences _______________________. advertisement campaign ________________ a great success

  13. Tapescript Fun Break Directions: Listen to a joke and answer the questions. 1. What was the mathematician’s answer? How did he make that answer? 2. What was the accountant’s answer? How did he make that answer? 3. What was the public relations officer’s answer? Why did he say so?

  14. Additional Listening Public Relations Words and Expressions

  15. Tapescript Additional Listening Exercise 1 Directions: Listento a passage and fill in the table with the information you hear. __________ activities __________ plans __________ ideas ____________________________ the opinions of smaller groups _________________________________________ _____________________________ the trust and goodwill of its neighbors in the places where it has factories and offices

  16. Additional Listening Exercise 2 Directions:Listen to the passage again and answer the questions briefly. 1. How do public relations begin? _______________________________________________________________ By planning one’s actions. 2. When does a public relations program work? _______________________________________________________________ When it includes respecting the rights and beliefs of other people it works for. 3. Which will affect public opinions, money or moving to a new location? _______________________________________________________________ Moving to a new location. 4. Can you name some concerns of Public Relations? _______________________________________________________________ Moving to a new location or buying another business.

  17. Viewing & Speaking • Shall we...? • How large is...? • How many employees...? • How long is the history of...? • How does your... system operate? • What’s your impression of...? • Well, here we are at.../This is.../That is... • There are... • Let me take you around... • Our company was founded... • As far as... is concerned, we believe we are... • I hope you found this trip...

  18. Viewing & Speaking Activity 1 Directions: Make a dialogue according to the situation and role-play it with your partner. Suppose you are the public relations manager in Carpetel Company which produces household carpets and carpets for offices and hotels. Mr. Lee, a purchase manager from Hilton Hotel, is going to visit your plant and you’re supposed to guide him during the tour. Reference hint:Public relations reception plays an important role and it involves a lot of delicate work. Visits from business partners show their interest and attention. Therefore, public relations personnel should grasp this opportunity to promote their company, and make a good impression to their partner at the same time.

  19. Videoscript Viewing & Speaking Activity 2 Directions: Watch a video and then discuss the related PR services offered by other companies that you know.

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