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AUBMC Strategic Planning and Communications

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AUBMC Strategic Planning and Communications. How we got here, where we are and where we’re headed. Towards a strategy. Towards a strategy . Situation analysis and assessment. Trends in the Medical Field.

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aubmc strategic planning and communications

AUBMC Strategic Planning and Communications

How we got here, where we are and where we’re headed

towards a strategy1
Towards a strategy

Situation analysis and assessment

trends in the medical field
Trends in the Medical Field

Medical Centers and hospitals have accepted marketing and communications as a necessary and important part of their institution.

Target audience is not restricted to patients – there are several external and internal stakeholders that are key.

Multichannel approach to marketing and communications.

Important to empower, engage and inform patients – not just once, at every step.

Patients have increased access to information on line – they are more knowledgeable and demand more information.

Global Trends

trends in the medical field1
Trends in the Medical Field

Digital media is becoming a main channel for marketing and communications

  • Physicians now spend a full work day each week onlineprofessionally.
  • Medical apps are fastest growing.
  • Food and Drug Administration approved  for the first time a medical smart phone app for iPhone and iPad.

Global Trends

trends in the medical field3
Trends in the Medical Field

What does that mean?

The medical field is becoming more about information than it ever was.

Patients feel the need to be a lot more involved and aware of the whole treatment process.

Communication is now completely integrated and utilizes several channels to reach its various stakeholders (external and internal).

Global Trends

trends in the medical field4
Trends in the Medical Field

Brand name means something – well established and recognized institutions rank high on patient choice list.

The perception of an institution and decision making process for a lot of people is very influenced by social circle, family and family doctors.

Proximity is important – physical and social.

Many patients prefer to seek care in another country mainly due to:

  • limited availability of facilities in their country (seek reputable institutions)
  • lack of specialized procedures/expertise (doctor expertise, reputation, specialty treatment)

Some governments fund treatment outside of their countries (KSA, Qatar, UAE, etc.).

Regional Insights

trends in the medical field5
Trends in the Medical Field

Family doctor and family circle are very important in decision making process.

Acceptance of an individual's medical insurance or social security are very important in choosing a medical institution.

In severe and difficult cases patients go to the most reputable institutions and will put less emphasis on cost, facility, etc..

Local Insights

trends in the medical field6
Trends in the Medical Field

What diseases are most prevalent in the region?

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are the leading cause of death in Lebanon and the region

  • In Lebanon:
  • 84% of deaths are due to NCDs
    • 45% CVD
    • 19% Cancer
    • 5% Respiratory Disease
  • Situation may only get worse due to risk factors present:
    • 36% of total population smoke daily
    • 47% physically inactive
    • 39% high BP
    • 12% high blood glucose
    • 62% overweight
    • 27% obese
  • In Region:
  • NCDs are leading cause of death
    • 23-49%% CVD depending on country
    • 11-20% Cancer depending on country
trends in the medical field7
Trends in the Medical Field

What is competition doing?

Local Countries

Foreign Countries

Individual Hospitals

  • Activities include:
    • Advertising
    • PR
    • Community Education Events
  • Messages focus on:
    • NCD education
    • New technology
    • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Activities include:
    • Advertising
    • PR
    • Sponsorships
    • Medical Conference attendance
  • Messages focus on:
    • Country safety
    • Language capabilities
    • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Activities include:
    • Advertising
    • PR
    • Sponsorships
    • Medical Conference attendance
  • Messages focus on:
    • 1-2 Disease Specialties
    • Research
    • CSR
    • Technological breakthroughs
towards a strategy2
Towards a Strategy

We need to know WHO we are talking to.

What we say depends on who we are saying it to.

Audience dictates our message.

Target Audience

towards a strategy3
Towards a Strategy

Target Audience

strategic marketing
Strategic Marketing

Potential objectives of marketing strategy

strategic marketing1
Strategic Marketing

Where do we want to go?

aubmc strategic planning and communications1
AUBMC Strategic Planning and Communications

New leadership in place Summer 2009

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Opportunities identified

How it started

aubmc strategic planning and communications2

They do not treat me well or with care.

They are more expensive and only for people that speak English.

AUBMC? Oh, you mean AUH!

They have the best doctors.

The facility is so old.

Wouldn’t go anywhere else – only place I trust.

They are the best – my whole family goes there.

AUBMC Strategic Planning and Communications

To them, I am just a number.

What we heard from patients

aubmc strategic planning and communications3
AUBMC Strategic Planning and Communications

New leadership, new strategic direction

AUBMC 2020 Vision

Covers AUBMC and FM

AUBMC 5 Year Plan

Covers AUBMC as an operation

new aubmc mission statement
New AUBMC Mission Statement

Why we exist

The American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) is an academic medical center dedicated to the passionate pursuit of improving the health of the community in Lebanon and the region through the delivery of exceptional and comprehensive quality care to our patients, excellence in education and training, and leadership in innovative research.

aubmc 2020 vision
AUBMC 2020 Vision

Where we want to be

Regional Leadership – Competing with the West

To be the leading academic medical center in Lebanon and the region by delivering excellence in patient-centered care, outstanding education and innovative research.

aubmc 2020 vision1
AUBMC 2020 Vision

6 Paths to our vision

How to get there

AUBMC 2020 Vision

external communication plan1
External Communication Plan

To regain public confidence

To establish brand recognition

To establish brand loyalty

To establish brand leadership

To raise awareness


external communication plan2
External Communication Plan


Consolidate market leadership

Position AUBMC in MENA as the undisputed leader in healthcare

  • Ultimate patient experience
  • Most advanced technology
  • Highest caliber faculty
  • Highest standards of care as shown through accreditations
  • Professional staff
  • International reach through affiliations
  • Promotion of unique services and skills
external communication plan3
External Communication Plan

Phase I: Announcement

  • Communication Objective: create awareness about the “new” AUBMC – leadership, vision, objectives/action plan – and creating anticipation for the upcoming changes

Phase II: Brand Recognition

  • Communication Objective: progressively implementing and establishing the new revamped brand identity, to pave the way for the change in perception; and targeted communication over specific periods relevant to the local and regional audience, recognizing AUBMC’s superiority in the medical services

Phase III: Brand Loyalty

  • Communication Objective: Supporting the brand affinity among the target audience and making AUBMC their TOM and TOH for healthcare

Message Propagation Chain – Communication Channels

external communication plan4
External Communication Plan

General public

  • Class A, B, C


  • Local
  • Regional


  • Medical
  • Non-Medical


  • Specialized Media – Health and Economics
  • All media – News and Society

Industry Opinion Leaders

  • NGOs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Suppliers
  • Government Entities

Potential Donors

Target Audience

external communication plan5
External Communication Plan


  • Includes billboards, TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Public Relations

  • Includes press releases, public awareness initiatives and patient education campaigns, interviews, etc.


  • Email blasts
  • Interactive emails – exciting interactive and catchy communications
  • Social Media
          • AUBMC Facebook page
          • AUBMC Linked In account
          • AUBMC Twitter account
          • AUBMC YouTube Channel
  • AUBMC website
  • LCD Screen Messages

Delivery Platforms

external communication plan6
External Communication Plan


  • AUBMC External Newsletter – AUBMC Pulse
  • AUBMC Corporate marketing materials – stationary, brochures, posters, invitations, premiums, etc.
  • AUBMC and FM Departmental Marketing Materials – brochures, flyers, guides, posters, invitations, etc.


  • Center Openings
  • AUBMC 2020 “Road Show”
  • Ad hoc meetings based on opportunity
  • Face to face/one and one/roundtable meetings based on need/opportunity include potential donors, media, patients
  • Public Lecture Series
  • Leadership Meetings with other medical institutions

Delivery Mechanisms continued

aubmc 2020 strategic communications
AUBMC 2020 Strategic Communications

AUBMC Launch Campaign

Phase 1 – Re-branding

  • Goals:
  • Establish name of AUBMC (public recognizes AUH)
  • Raise awareness on our new promise/slogan
  • Set the stage for future expansion/improvement

Wide-spreadlocalcampaign across outdoor media, TVC, print ads, interviews and press conference (Arabic and English)

aubmc 2020 strategic communications1
AUBMC 2020 Strategic Communications

AUBMC Launch Campaign

Phase 1 – Name + Promise Outdoor Billboard

aubmc 2020 strategic communications2
AUBMC 2020 Strategic Communications

AUBMC Launch Campaign

Phase 2 – Re-branding + Messaging

Update public image to be more patient friendly

  • Focus on:
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Experience, best faculty, technology/innovation, quality of care (incl. accreditations), and patient-centered care

Wide-spreadlocal and regional campaign across outdoor media, billboards, print ads, interviews, in-flight magazines (Arabic and English)


AUBMC 2020 Strategic Communications

AUBMC Launch Campaign

Phase 2 – Re-branding + Messaging Outdoor BBs

aubmc 2020 strategic communications3
AUBMC 2020 Strategic Communications

AUBMC Campaign

AUBMC Preventive Cardiology Clinic

aubmc 2020 strategic communications4
AUBMC 2020 Strategic Communications

AUBMC Campaign

AUBMC Multiple Sclerosis Center

pr strategy general objectives
PR Strategy General Objectives

Creating long-lasting communication programs

Supporting corporate brand image through combining public relations and publicity, media relations and special events media optimization

Building and maintaining AUBMC’s reputation by developing notoriety, increasing awareness, and raising the level of our target market’s recognition

Developing data and information services that will be target-specific to those who otherwise might not have access to information

Provide the proper material to the ideal vehicle to keep influencers (concerned media, partner entities, interested targets, etc) updated on AUBMC’s related news and activities

pr strategy
PR Strategy

Website and web (social media) technology

Press Conferences, Press Releases, Feature articles, Radio and TV Interviews

Provision of hard copy publications to other stakeholders, government entities, NGOs, Professional Associations & Bodies

Delivery Mechanisms

pr strategy1
PR Strategy

Phase I - Announcement: Build Trust and Create Awareness

Press Conference to launch new identity and vision

New Identity Rationale

AUBMC’s previous accomplishments

AUBMC’s future projects, enhancements, additional services

Facts and figures of relevance

Elaboration about AUBMC’s outreach program

Launching of a newsletter to be distributed to all concerned entities (stakeholders and media)

New management profiling (CVs, breakthroughs, plans, etc.)

Aligned to the 3 Phases

pr strategy2
PR Strategy

Phase 2 – Brand Recognition:

Maintaining press relations and awareness

Establishing AUBMC as a reference in healthcare

Launch follow-up with concerned entities:

  • Regular update on activities and events (press releases, newsletter, one-on-one press briefings, monthly lunches, etc.)
  • Lobbying with media for feature articles / interviews concerning topics of relevance on which light is to be shed
  • Maintaining a two way communication process with partner entities (requesting feedback on material sent, mini-questionnaires, etc.)

Aligned to the 3 Phases

pr strategy3
PR Strategy

Phase 3 – Brand Loyalty:

Maintaining press relations and awareness

Establishing AUBMC as a reference in healthcare

Generate more content for maintained interest:

  • Sharing breakthrough, new technologies implemented, etc.
  • Organizing a series of tours for partner entities and media at AUBMC where each tour would be viewed from a different angle

Aligned to the 3 Phases

external communication plan7
External Communication Plan

Ongoing initiatives





Media Requests

Website news updates

Highlighting of an AUBMC service/department on the web and social media

PR Media Newsletter

Facebook – review, post and answer

Meetings with media

Media Lunches

Meetings with NGOs and patient advocacy groups

Twitter – review, post and answer

AUBMC story write-up/post

Health Tips

Agency Meetings

Meetings with potential private partners – banks, organizations

Press releases

external communication plan8
External Communication Plan

Ongoing initiatives



Ad hoc


Leadership Meetings with other medical institutions

AUBMC Calendar

  • Referral Network Building Events –
  • “speed dating”
  • educational “specialty” sessions

Patient survival meetings

Media workshops

AUBMC/FM Annual Report – Public

New Center and Event Openings

PR Media Kit

Meetings with potential partnership organizations* – ex. Kidzmania, KMC, etc.

AUBMC Greeting Card

  • Patient Retention Initiatives –
  • Meet the Specialist
  • Ask your Doctor
  • Support Groups

External Newsletter – AUBMC Pulse

Educational/Research Forum with Regional Medical Schools*

MOU Signings

Communications Calendar

Patient Awareness Initiatives for services/departments*

Press Conferences

PR Briefing Document to staff

internal communication plan2
Internal Communication Plan

To align all employees on new Mission, Vision and AUBMC 5 year plan

To communicate new culture change at AUBMC to existing employees

To ensure all internal constituents are aware of and aligned to major initiatives and changes

To ensure new employees are aligned to new AUBMC identity and branding from the moment they are hired

To increase awareness on services, programs and units at AUBMC to AUBMC and AUB community

To improve and maintain high levels of employee morale and motivation


internal communication plan3
Internal Communication Plan

Target Audience


  • AUB
  • FM


  • MDs
  • Nurses
  • AUBMC Staff
  • Residents
  • Students
  • AUB Community