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Use Case. Enhanced SVS Nikolay Lipskiy, MD, DrPH, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), USA Sundak Ganesan, MD, Northrop Grumman for CDC Proposal discussion February 1-4, 2010. Current SVS: Purpose.

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Use case
Use Case

Enhanced SVS

Nikolay Lipskiy, MD, DrPH, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), USA

Sundak Ganesan, MD, Northrop Grumman for CDC

Proposal discussion

February 1-4, 2010

Current svs purpose
Current SVS: Purpose

“This profile describes a mechanism of retrieving a Value Set from a Value Set Repository by a Value Set Consumer. “

“The Sharing Value Sets (SVS) profile provides a means through which healthcare systems producing clinical or administrative data, such as diagnostic imaging equipment, laboratory reporting systems, primary care physician office EMR systems, or national healthcare record systems, can receive a common, uniform nomenclature managed centrally. “

Current svs existing use cases
Current SVS: Existing Use Cases Updating terminology codes for a medical and billing across systems Consistent Encoding Terms for anatomical regions in imaging Modification of a protocol code for a mammogram exam

Enhanced svs purpose
Enhanced SVS: Purpose

1. Enhanced profile will describe a mechanism of

  • Single Value Set

  • Value Set Group/View

  • Specific version (i.e., when a report was created)

  • Registering

  • Updating

  • Retrieving

from a Value Set Repository by a Value Set Consumer

Enhanced svs purpose cont
Enhanced SVS: Purpose (cont)

2. Adding Value Set’s Group ID (and OID?) for:

2.1. Immunization Domain

2.2. Cancer registries Domain

2.3. Public Health Case Reporting (PHCR)

Enhanced SVS: Overview of the Process Flow (cont.)

VS Consumer

VS Repository (PHIN VADS)

Retrieve VS Version


  • Existing actors

  • Vocabulary Consumer

  • Value Set Repository

  • New actors

  • Value Set registry

  • Value Set Source

Query/ Retrieve VS Version or Grouping

Register/Update VS

Provide & Register /Update VS

VS Source (i.e. Cancer Registry Program)

VS Registry (HL7 OIDs Registry)

Register /Update VS

Issues such as multiple registries, etc. need to be determined, as does the issue of whether the update should come from the VS Repository Actor or the VS Source actor. The diagrams show it coming from the Repository Actor.

*Value Set

Enhanced svs use cases
Enhanced SVS: Use Cases

Use Case 0. (?-Sondra R. Renly)

The Management of Clinical Document Vocabularies.

Current SVS: Can we extend existing case for this use case?

Use Case 1.

The Management of Immunization Vocabularies.

See proposed profile

Use Case 2.

The Management of Cancer Vocabularies

See proposed profile

New transactions
New Transactions

  • 1. Provide and Register Vocabulary

  • The management of value sets needs to be a distributed process allowing programs and vocabulary specialist the capability to create versions of value sets and groups. When code system updates take place a notification is necessary to see the relationship between the concepts and value sets that might be affected by those updates. An example would be the intrinsic value set of Microorganism that is derived from SNOMED.

  • Situations that may result in creating new value sets include:

  • addition of code to existing value set

  • removal of code from existing value set

  • creation of value set

  • removal of value set

  • creation/update/removal of value set groups

New Transactions (Cont.)

2. Retrieving Data from Registry and Repository

Currently a consumer must know the OID of a value set to retrieve it from the Repository. A query will be specified to obtain OIDs of interest.

Possible queries:

2.1. Query for a flat file that depicts a relationship between value set groupings

2.2. Query for a list of VS by subject category

2.3. Query for a list of VS associated with specific template/document ID

2.4. Query for a specific VS

2.5. Query for a specific VS group version (i.e., associated with a time stamp)

Distributing consistent nomenclatures
Distributing Consistent Nomenclatures?

Current Status:

  • New Tasks Based on Adding new Transactions and Use Cases for Management Immunization and Cancer Vocabularies :

  • Additional nomenclatures for Value Set View and Value Set Group

  • Additional nomenclatures for Use Cases (Example on the next slide)