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Hatchet Ch 17-Epilogue PowerPoint Presentation
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Hatchet Ch 17-Epilogue

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Hatchet Ch 17-Epilogue
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Hatchet Ch 17-Epilogue

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  1. Hatchet Ch 17-Epilogue

  2. Chapter 17 p. 155—After the tornado, what was easier about building a fire? What was more difficult? p. 155—What does incessant mean? ________were incessant because there was no fire. p. 156—looked like a giant had become angry and used some kind of massive meatgrinder on the trees. What kind of figurative language is this?

  3. Chapter 17 p. 157 “tomorrow he would refine the camp…” What does refine mean? What is something you have refined? When he realized the body of the plane was intact, what images came into his mind?

  4. Chapter 17 p. 159 How did Brian use the hatchet for cooking the fish? p. 160 What does Brian plan to use a raft for? What is an operating base? What problem does he have to solve in terms of building the raft? How does “sense” play a role?

  5. Chapter 17 p. 162 What was he stymied about? How will he use the tattered windbreaker to solve the problem?

  6. Chapter 17 p. 162 Why did he need patience(related to going to the plane)? p. 163/164 What was his “reverse question”? He had just been remembering his mother cooking? Could this reverse question apply to your going back to your country? p. 165/166 What image almost made him turn back and what image kept him going?

  7. Chapter 18 p. 168 “The hatchet cut through the aluminum as if it were soft cheese?” What type of figurative language is this? What is the mistake he made as he was using the hatchet?

  8. Chapter 18 p. 168 Without the hatchet, he would not have __________, ___________, ___________. p. 172 What was he looking for in the plane?

  9. Chapter 18 p. 174 What was it that Brian saw in the plane that horrified him? p. 176 Why was it so difficult to get the survival pack out? p. 176 What does “bone tired” mean? Have you ever been bone tired? p. 176 What does Brian still have to do after he finally gets the survival pack?

  10. Chapter 19 p. 178-181 What does he find in the survival pack? Read for 10 seconds. Close your book. Write down all the items you remember. Sleeping bag and sleeping pad, compass, pots, fork, knife, spoon, matches, waterproof container, sheath knife, bandages, antiseptic, scissors, cap, fishing kit and line, lures, hooks, sinkers, rifle, food packets, emergency transmitter, soap How many did you and your partner together get? The winning team gets a candy!

  11. Chapter 19 p. 180 What does it mean that “the rifle changed him?” Why did the survival pack contents give him up and down feelings? Have you ever experienced this? What is freeze-dried food?

  12. Chapter 19 “there was a tiny drone, but as before it didn’t register…” What does register mean in this context? When has something not registered for you? p. 185 What did Brian say when he met the pilot? What would you have said?

  13. Epilogue The pilot is from a Cree Trapping Camp Cree Who are the Cree? What is a trapping camp?

  14. Epilogue What happened with his parents’ relationship? Discuss the changes that were permanent and those that were temporary. Create a “T” diagram with your partner.

  15. Temporary changes on one side Permanent changes on the other side