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Epilogue. 1 Year Later.

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1 year later
1Year Later

It has been one year already. I can manage to adapt somehow to this world, Julia. Now, I know who the police are. Should I thank you to leave me with your daughter ? She helps me a lot because she feels indebted to you for all her life . When she first tells me she is your daughter, I doubt her, but the doubt is gone when she showed me your picture. You smile next to your supposed husband and your little daughter. It reminded me that you never truly smile before with me, with our world. You choose to run from that world to find your happiness right ? Or did you have to run because the ET just cannot let you live with that Chronotortion of yours ? I must be stupid to question you now Julia. You can never answer me anymore. Do you believe in alternate universe ? I do not before because I cannot see how our world can be changed. However, I do now. I will change this world Julia. I will not let your Chronotortion go to waste. I will take action because I can see now that God still exists when he lets you use that Chronotortion to escape. God exists because he lets me meet your daughter.

That is all. This will be the last time I will write to you, Julia. Thank you for naming your daughter as “Aoi” ! She is my blue. Because of her, I can see the blue sky now.