amerisourcebergen case study reaching high roi n.
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AMERISOURCEBERGEN CASE STUDY: REACHING HIGH ROI. OUTLINE. What is ABC? Who am I? Where we were Who changed Changes & Outcomes Messaging Engagement Lead Process Measurement Big Picture. THE FIRM. $80B Fortune 30, pharma space, B-to-B

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Presentation Transcript
  • What is ABC?
  • Who am I?
  • Where we were
  • Who changed
  • Changes & Outcomes
    • Messaging
    • Engagement
    • Lead Process
    • Measurement
  • Big Picture
the firm
  • $80B Fortune 30, pharma space, B-to-B
  • Distribution, Tech and Consulting – The Drug Company
  • Specialty Group
  • Leadership of events = SVP, Sales & Marketing (x3)
  • Channels = Retail Chain, Retail Independent, Health Systems
  • National, Regional and Proprietary Events (110/yr)
  • Prop. Customer event for 5000 customers, 200 exhibitors, 50 sessions, GS
  • MBA – Marketing, Sales, Exhibit House AE
  • Served ABC 5 yrs external, 7 internal
  • Director, Customer Events > Corporate Events
  • Constant leadership change
  • First resonated on financial side
  • Converted to Offense
  • Fishing fiend
where were we
Where were we?
  • Sales-driven
  • Come one, come all !!
    • Internal participants - clutter
    • External participants – quantity
  • Marketing tools for sales effort
  • “Next hat, next head” management of events
  • Sales team mostly apathetic to booth action
  • Total budgetary fog
  • Highly inefficient process
  • Goals = Leads (Qty)
  • Exhibits seen as marketing showcase
proficient partnerships
Proficient Partnerships


  • Under the hood, along the bench and into the culture
  • Walking the talk – lead process
  • Marketing Savvy
  • “Ops to Offense” ethic


  • The argument for expertise
  • Fluency with leaders
  • Sales, Product Mgmt, Procurement, Finance
  • Marketing and agencies
messaging changes perspective
Messaging Changes - Perspective
  • Consistency
  • Eye to the sales cycle
  • Eye to the touchpoint continuum
  • Fluency
  • Heirarchy and organization
  • Example:

ABC brand





Specs & Benefits

Prize, game, giveaway

messaging mayhem
Messaging Mayhem

Health Systems:

340b Readiness iScan EXP 400 CONSULTING

PARNTERSHIP distribution RS2000 touchscreen

IntelliOrderFastPak SUPPLY SELECT carousel

Bedside Barcode Administration SAFETY ABSG

Error Reduction MedSelect Because it’s all Right Here

Retail Independent:


Front end PRxOGenerics Home Healthcare SystemsRx

Patient Care Services Prescription Savings Club

EXP IntelliOrder GNP.COM Meet Your Neighbor iScan

Packaging Group

messaging changes getting resonant
Messaging Changes - Getting Resonant
  • Because it’s all Right Here ->

AmerisourceBergen: Advancing Pharmacy

    • Less about ABC, more about impacts and mission
    • Value is not about size and stuff, rather savvy, smarts and solutions.
  • National HealthCare Conference and Exhibition ->

AmerisourceBergen Customer Conference:

Advancing Pharmacy

    • Heralds a new customer-centric event value
    • Heightens relevance and extols impact
messaging changes organizing information
Messaging Changes - Organizing Information
  • Dropped booth themes
  • Dropped human interest attractants
  • Organized booth content by imperatives: 3 for R, 4 for HS
  • Organized dialogue and marketing media by same
  • Organized curriculum by same
  • Allowed attendee identification badging per imperative
  • Cross-trained sales, product mgmt, marketing, exec, clients
  • Greased the wheels in preshow messaging
messaging outcomes
Messaging Outcomes
  • Business-based attraction
  • Greater likelihood of quality leads
  • Clarity, simplicity of message
  • Relevant, Compelling, Differentiated
  • Expressed sophistication, engendered trust
  • Allowed matching of message to medium and mode
  • Fostered indelibility
  • Brought impact emphasis toward engagement vs. exposure
engagement changes attendee side
Engagement Changes – Attendee side
  • Attendees needed to be moving within sales cycle
  • Attendees needed efficient absorption of info
  • Attendees needed to think, feel and know the difference of ABC
  • Attendees needed more than a 1-to-1 interaction
  • Attendees needed proof points
  • Attendees needed assurance of customization
  • Attendees would benefit from seeing partnership in action
  • Existing clients needed to be included in scope
engagement changes abc side
Engagement Changes – ABC side
  • We sold team on unique value of events – Expose or Engage?
  • Engagement strategy began with measurable outcomes in mind
  • Leadership across functions began collaborating
  • Engagements would be crafted per imperative
  • Roles would be assigned per engagement type
  • Sales, marketing, sales leaders, prod mgmt and clients
  • Engagement was hinged on relevancy
  • Dialogues expanded on imperatives
  • Examples:

Tech > Tech 2 > Consulting

engagement outcomes
Engagement Outcomes
  • Touch time was extended, allowing immersion and absorption
  • Some engagements elevated the dialogue when bridging
    • Ie, Tech to Consulting or Pharm D to C-suite
    • Ie, from product to partnership
  • Execs assessed cold leads as warm !
  • Stakeholders reported higher quality interactions
  • Visitations equaled action within sales cycle
  • Post show touches continued along exposure mission
lead process changes
Lead Process Changes
  • Leads identified pre show ???
  • New partner not provider
  • Leaders focused on high value prospects and clients
  • Comparisons done: Leads vs. HV roster
  • Weighting and qualifying done by Sales leaders
  • Scanners networked
    • See full touch and engagement
    • Discover imperatives
    • Fuel sales/marketing touches post show
  • Instant alert to sales team
lead process outcomes
Lead Process Outcomes
  • Sales valuation of leads rose
  • Sales action against leads improved (pain point)
  • Marketing and sales tended funnel and pipeline
  • Leaders followed outcomes longer
  • Better data inputs
  • Easier visibility to total touchprint on targets
  • Truer expression of event value
measurement changes
Measurement Changes
  • Common Ground – isolating the objection
  • From Close to Closer
  • Mixing stakeholder metrics
  • Leaders established goals
  • We suggested metrics
  • Trend metrics and discrete goals
  • Tools:
    • (CRM)
    • MMM
    • Pipeline
    • Benchmarks
    • Surveys
    • Sales feedback
roi vs roo
  • 52% of Agencies say ROI is not applicable to measuring experiential marketing outcomes
  • Key is converting to engagement value for sales value
  • Agencies more bullish on reported value to leaders than clients
  • ROO is soft metric, applicable for CMO perhaps but not Sales
  • ROO is appropriate for many brand support media and methods

“Move what’s measured and measure what’s moved!”

measurement outcomes
Measurement Outcomes
  • Sales leaders assessed cold leads as warm !!
  • Stakeholder feedback of enhancements increased
    • 87% from customer (up 26%)
    • 91% from exhibitors (up 31%)
  • Outcomes proved our merit as high influencers of approach
  • Defense ethic was deleted
  • Respect from partner leaders and professional peers
  • CMO selection for corporate-wide strategy

(Jay SD assessment)

big picture
  • Messaging improvements drove higher value attraction and engagement, leading to better mutual absorption of info toward acceleration of the sales cycle for those in the pipeline and for efficient reach to new prospects.
  • Measurement methods closed the gap in Sales team appreciation of potential in events to move their needles. The event team reached far higher recognition among leaders (internal/external) for strategic savvy as event leaders and contributors to the offensive side.
  • All parties learned a common fluency that facilitated strong collaboration and respect …invaluable for future progress.
  • Events became learning and engagement centers