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Prosperity It is Just a Way of Thinking PowerPoint Presentation
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Prosperity It is Just a Way of Thinking

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Prosperity It is Just a Way of Thinking
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Prosperity It is Just a Way of Thinking

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  1. Prosperity It is Just a Way of Thinking

  2. Prosperity indicates several things not merely having money. Prosperity as based on suggests a profitable, flourishing and thriving state. Metaphysically speaking someone who is prosperous has health, wealth and the relationships they desire. Prosperity gets started in our thinking. Do you think in prosperous ways? If you're not and you are willing to take responsibility for changing that read on.

  3. It's possible to make positive changes to consciousness and what you choose to think about and believe. It is the belief of whether you deserve it and believe having it is good that get’s it for you. It is permitting yourself to accept it. If we steal from life, life steals from us. What you hand out you get back. Any time you steal you are subconsciously saying "you cannot afford". You may even point out that I cannot afford aloud therefore it is exactly what you get.

  4. More scenarios which you could not afford what you're asking or wanting show up in your life to support your belief. You need to shift your thoughts and point of view to the positive and affirm and only talk about what you do want. The power that created us is there for us and what we concentrate on increases.

  5. What you think about and talk about you bring about. That is the true meaning of freedom. Negativity will increase when we focus on the negatives of what we are needing. In case you are angry, jealous, resentful than you will only bring more to feel angry, jealous and resentful about. Feeling good about yourself is where it all will start. Everything that you have in your life is a refection of what you feel you ought to get and how you feel about yourself. Observe what you have and you can tell what you think and believe about yourself.

  6. Are you friends with money? Loving yourself pays monumental returns in all areas of your life. Every little thing we create in our lives is a result of our thoughts and feel about our self. Be very pleased for what you have. Physicists realize that the universe is a universe based in energy not matter. Atoms are energy, not matter.

  7. Here are a few areas where you can improve what we believe to see and make differences in our lives: A. Time if you believe in a rush continuously and you don’t have enough time to accomplish what you like to get done, you have poverty in this area - Affirm. I have all the time in the world to do everything I wish to do. What ever I wish to get done is going to get done.

  8. B. Love Are you feeling an abundance of love? Do you reckon loving thoughts about your self and others? Again what you put out you get back. Be the person you would like to have in your life. There are billions of folks in the world and yet we hear people say they are alone. C. Success If you feel you can be successful D. Beauty Do you see beauty everywhere

  9. E. Wisdom do you feel like all the wisdom in the world is available to you? F. Joy is there loads of Joy G. Health do you have an abundance of good health

  10. H. Money Have you got enough? There is an abundance of money and you’ll not run dry. Bills are excellent things because that suggests somebody has given us trust. They have faith and trust that we are going to pay. They claim you are abundant and have the means to have whatever you purchased. This is great as it brings about more prosperity. In order to get to the root of what you feel about money take a look into the mirror and say out loud. What I believe about money is________.

  11. write it down… When negativity and thoughts surface just say to yourself thank you for sharing - don’t make yourself wrong as that just causes more negativity and gives it power. Say to yourself a hundred times a day, my income is regularly increasing! Turn your thoughts into positive affirmations. Keep in mind what you consider about and talk about you bring about.

  12. I love myself. I am releasing the constraints of my parents. I allow that to go. Take note of what your folks believe about money and ask yourself in case you are selecting to believe what they educated you about money and ask yourself if you wish to alter this thinking.

  13. Dr Lewis James Jordan has over 20 years experience in Psychology and Metaphysical counseling. Dr Jordan’s Florida therapyoffices are located in various locations throughout South Florida. Please visit his sites regularly at, and http://LewisJamesJordan.comfor more information.