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God and You Test PowerPoint Presentation
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God and You Test

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God and You Test
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God and You Test

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  1. God and You Test

  2. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com This is a great test for your own use or a person you are in a relationship with. I’ll describe the reason why at the conclusion of the exam. Even an atheist can take this unique test. Imagine everything that your God may reply to you if he was real.

  3. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com Reply just about every question with as much truth and detail as feasible. Would you discuss God? 2. What might God do to you if he was standing in front of you? 3. What would God ask if he was actually talking to you? 4. How is God dissatisfied in you? 5. Once God views you who will he think you happen to be?

  4. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com 6. How come God not give you whatever you want? 7. When has God really been angry or irritated with you? 8. Exactly what does God think you wish to switch in your life? 9. What should you do in order to make God accept you or be proud of you? 10. What if you were God?

  5. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com Now. The goal of this examination is for you to get a good notion of what you think and feel of yourself. The link with God that you have is just a representation of your deep inner feelings and thoughts and beliefs you may have with regards to you. God is fairly neutral. Every thing we make up about God is definitely about ourselves and our union with God can alter. Look at where you don't like yourself, where you think you wish to do something to be deserving of love. Recall, God is love. God does not have any judgements and needs not a single thing from you. You are loved because you are a perfect image of God and have absolutely nothing to do to gain love, approval or recognition.

  6. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com The rationale I mention this should help you in relationships is twofold. One reason is it can help you both determine what your values are and provides you a greater understanding of each other and the second reason is it can help you see if there are important differences in how you feel and how you approach your relationship with God and if you're suitable in your primary values. This is very very important to the health of the connection and may show where situations may develop in a while when confronted with major life changes or complications.

  7. Dr Lewis James Jordan has over 20 years experience in Psychology and Metaphysical counseling. Dr Jordan's Florida therapyoffices are located in various locations throughout South Florida. Please visit his sites regularly at, http://JordanTherapy.comand http://LewisJamesJordan.comfor more information.