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Women and Reform

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Women and Reform. Amelia Galloway, Monica Haugen, Roy Chapman. The “New Woman”. Changing Roles Income producing activity moved out of the home and into factories or in offices Children were beginning to go to school more regularly and at younger ages

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women and reform

Women and Reform

Amelia Galloway, Monica Haugen, Roy Chapman

the new woman
The “New Woman”
  • Changing Roles
    • Income producing activity moved out of the home and into factories or in offices
    • Children were beginning to go to school more regularly and at younger ages
    • New inventions shortened time consumed by house duties
    • Women were having less children on average than in generations before
    • Lead to women in search of new activities outside the house
the new woman cont
The “New Woman” [cont.]
  • Education
    • Proliferation in education created a new era of highly educated women
  • Definition of “New Woman”?
    • No particular aspects of “New Woman” but is generalized to new role of women and all it entails
  • New groups of women called “clubwomen”
    • Partial product of proliferation in education
  • Began to strive for social betterment for women and for society as a whole
    • Though women had no voting rights affluent members were still able to keep influence
  • Black women were excluded so they made their own clubs that closely imitated those of the white clubs
    • Black clubs included additional things like lynching and aspects of segregation
clubwomen cont
Clubwomen [cont.]
  • Clubs didn’t reflect strong feminist views like Charlotte Perkins Gilmin
    • They did however change the sense of community that before wasn’t possible because of a male dominated society
  • Politics
    • Most issues were uncontroversial
    • However some issues had heavy opposition
      • Regulation of women and child labor
      • Regulation of food and drug Industries
      • Prohibition
    • Often clubs worked closely with men since women did not receive suffrage till 1920
woman suffrage
Woman Suffrage
  • Single largest reform movement in the progressive era
  • Many believed that the place for a woman was to be in the home and serve as wives and moms
  • Begins with pressure for female vote, then advances to others
    • Suffrage with divorce
    • Involvement in politics
woman suffrage1
Woman Suffrage
  • NAWSA- National American Woman Suffrage Association
    • 1917- over 2 million members
    • Led by Anna Howard Shaw and Carrie Chapman Catt
    • Fought for suffrage for women and equal rights not based on gender
    • Suggested that a woman’s maternal sensitivity could solve many social issues - including war
woman suffrage2
Woman Suffrage
  • The Vote:
    • Suffragists argued that “other ‘base’ groups” could vote, then educated, “well-born” women could too.
    • Many supported because they believed that women’s votes could help in restricting immigration and racial disfranchisement
    • 1917, 1918 – New York and Michigan give women the right to vote
    • 1920 – ratification of the 19th amendment.
      • Guaranteed political rights to women in entire nation
woman suffrage4
Woman Suffrage
  • Post19th amendment
    • Some did not approve of the “separate sphere” argument to achieve suffrage
    • Wanted more clear legal protections
    • Once allowed to vote, women did not act as a mutual force for reform
      • In most cases, they remained as undecided as men
    • Still a major step in extending political rights to other citizens in the US
women in the electorate
Women in the Electorate
  • Electorate: People in the country who are entitled to vote in an election
  • In the last election women voted more than men
  • Unmarried women had a 3 point increase
  • Related to women’s suffrage
women in the electorate1
Women in the Electorate
  • “There has been much discussion about the demographic makeup of the 2012 electorate, and one thing is clear: Women’s voices determined the outcome of the election.”
  • Women’s voting has been the determining factor in not only the presidential election, but all things they vote on.
  • Without women’s suffrage and the right to vote the world would look completely different.
women in the economy
Women in the Economy
  • Growing factor since 1970’s
  • Powerful women is a trend in the 21st century
  • Some people believe women are key to economic growth
    • Women’s leadership correlates to long term success
  • Relates to “The New Woman” and Clubwomen
women in the economy1
Women in the Economy
  • The New Woman: Changing roles
    • Women began to become more educated and do activities/jobs outside of their homes
  • Clubwomen: Social betterment for women and society as a whole
  • Why women are so strong parts of the economy is because of what has happened in the past, such as The New Women and Clubwomen
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