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Women and Reform

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Women and Reform . Progressive Era . Progressive Ideas. *Social Gospel: Protestant Christian Movement The Kingdom of God on earth could be achieved not by striving for personal salvation but in the cause of social justice *Walter Rauschenbusch. The of Progressive Movement;.

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women and reform

Women and Reform

Progressive Era

progressive ideas
Progressive Ideas
  • *Social Gospel:
    • Protestant Christian Movement
    • The Kingdom of God on earth could be achieved not by striving for personal salvation but in the cause of social justice
    • *Walter Rauschenbusch

Industrial system was in profound disorder. The middle class had to fight the wrongs of society. It was a middle class task.* The rich wouldn’t * The poor couldn’t

women for change
Women for change
  • Think about it: If history was told though the lens of women, it would be a history of peace and social justice
  • Historically, women are the “social housekeepers”
  • Shouldered the burden of humanitarianism
  • Foot soldiers for charity
  • Lobbying and running settlement houses
jane addams and settlement houses
Jane Addams andSettlement Houses
  • Jane Addams is a poster-child for a female progressive
  • “Hull House” was a hallmark of social progressivism.
  • Women began to have a voice and wanted more rights…
  • Suffrage
national women s trade union league
*National Women’sTrade Union League
  • Formed in 1903
  • Eliminate sweat shop conditions
  • Effort to organize women in labor union
  • Inspired by British women
muller vs oregon
Muller vs. Oregon*
  • 1908
  • Topic: Sex Discrimination
  • Restricted the working hours of women as justified by the special state interest in protecting women's health.
  • "the difference between the sexes.“
  • child-bearing physiology and social role of women provided a strong state interest in reducing their working hours.
  • Was this court decision a milestone or a setback for women’s rights?
  • Distinguished between two groups of women activists:
    • Feminists: sought equal-rights feminists
    • Anti the notion of the separation of the sexes into two stereotyped gender-roles
triangle shirtwaist fire
*Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
  • March 25, 1911
  • 10th Story NYC building (downtown)
  • 8th floor fire
  • Seamstresses
  • Mostly Immigrant women
  • 146 jumped or burned to their deaths
  • They had been locked in so they wouldn’t be caught slacking on the job.
  • Raised public awareness to realities of workplace conditions.
  • A new term during the Progressive era.
  • Freedom for full personal development
    • Militantly pro-suffrage on the basis that they were just as good as men.
women s suffrage alice paul
Women’s Suffrage: *Alice Paul
  • Picket
  • Hunger Strikes in jail
  • Against state-by-state women suffrage
  • 19th Amendment passed: 1920—cannot deny suffrage based on gender
  • Forced Feeing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO70ZjZ0wrw
  • Parade in Washington: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtUY-wVLdeY