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Creating your Narrative Poem

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Creating your Narrative Poem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating your Narrative Poem. Journal 7. Sentence 1-. Identify the ritual ( setting and characters ) using enjambment and one hyperbole . EXAMPLE: On Fridays he 'd open a can of Jax Close his eyes, and ask me to write the same letter to my mother

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sentence 1
Sentence 1-
  • Identify the ritual (setting and characters) using enjambmentand one hyperbole.


On Fridayshe'd open a can of Jax

Close his eyes, and ask me to write

the same letter to my mother

Who sent postcards of desert flowers

Taller than man.

sentence 2 3
Sentence 2-3
  • Reveal the speaker’s attitude/tone towards the ritual.
  • Reveal the conflict (what the speaker wants vs other characters’ wants)
  • Use alliteration and enjambment

He’d beg her

return and promised to never

beat her again.

I was almost happy

She was gone, & sometimes wanted

To slip in something bad.

sentence 4
Sentence 4
  • Imagery- visual description of main character using modifiers and enjambment

His carpenter's apron always bulged

With old nails, a claw hammer

Looped at his side

& extension cords coiled around his feet.

sentence 5
Sentence 5
  • Actions of the main character and/or speaker using caesura and enjambment.

Words rolled from under

the pressure of my ballpoint pen:

Love, Baby, Honey, Please.

sentence 6
Sentence 6
  • Illustrate the biggest challenge of the ritual through sensory details of the setting.
  • Use antithesis and enjambment
  • Develop the relationship

We lingered in the quiet brutality

Of voltage meters & pipe threaders,

Lost between sentences . . . the heartless

gleam of a two-pound wedge

On the concrete floor

a sunset in the doorway

of the toolshed.

sentence 7
Sentence 7
  • Using enjambment, write a sentence that has a tone that is antithetical (opposite) to the previous sentence.

I wondered if she laughed

as she held them over a flame.

sentence 8 9
Sentence 8-9
  • Last sentences: use enjambment, antithesis, modifiers with sensory details, and a simile.
  • Sentence 9 should be the longest sentence of your poem and should begin on the same line where sentence 8 ended.
  • These sentences are also the climax of your poem. There should be a realization, understanding, or epiphany revealed here.
  • Readers should understand the purpose and importance of the ritual.


My father could only sign

His name, but he'd look at blueprints

& say how many bricks

Formed each wall. This man,

Who stole roses & hyacinth

For his yard, stood there

With eyes closed & fists balled,

Laboring over a simple word,

opened like a fresh wound, almost

Redeemed by what he tried to say.