jusuru international inc provides safe n.
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Jusuru International, Inc

Jusuru International, Inc

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Jusuru International, Inc

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  1. Jusuru International, Inc. Provides Safe And Effective Nutritional Supplements

  2. Jusuru International, Inc. Provides Safe And Effective Nutritional Supplements Jusuru International, Inc. is a reputable company that is dedicated to delivering the most advanced and safe nutritional supplements made with quality ingredients. The company's flagship product is Jusuru Life Blend- an effective nutritional supplement containing thirteen different fruits that provide various anti-oxidants which can help you flush harmful toxins from the body. The supplement also has resveratrol, a chemical compound that is produced by some plants such as red grapes and can help fight off aging and improve heart health.

  3. BioCell Collagen Jusuru Life Blend is an innovative dietary supplement that not only helps strengthen the anti-inflammatory defense system in body, but also promotes healthy joints. It contains the liquid form of BioCell Collagen, a multi-patented joint and skin health nutraceutical that consists of the matrix of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and hydrolyzed collagen type II. All these elements together offer intense nutritional support and may help the body to maintain connective tissue health in areas such as skin, joints and cardiovascular system. BioCell Collagen is an essential nutritional ingredient for all those who wish to stay active and healthy throughout their lives. Due to its remarkable benefits on both skin and joints, Jusuru Life Blend was mentioned in a leading national beauty magazine named New Beauty, and featured on national television on Good Morning America and Fox News among others.

  4. A Socially-Responsible Company Co-founded by Asma Ishaq in 2009, Jusuru International, Inc. gives back to the society through active participation in various social welfare activities and charity programs. Jusuru donated 36,000 bottles of water to help the victims of Haiti earthquake in 2010. In addition to this, the company also made a significant contribution to an Adult Rehabilitation Center in Anaheim, CA.

  5. The Jusuru Reward Jusuru provides budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to earn extra money through the distribution of its range of products. Jusuru has a unique business model whereby the distributors can earn bonuses and commissions by directly selling the products to consumers. The company provides training to its entire distributor network through various in-person events as well as weekly corporate webinars. Jusuru has partnered with many leading industry professionals to provide distributors with essential motivation tools to drive their success.

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