jusuru international has made significant n.
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Jusuru International

Jusuru International

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Jusuru International

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  1. Jusuru International Has Made Significant Contributions To Many Charitable Endeavors

  2. Jusuru International Has Made Significant Contributions To Many Charitable Endeavors • Jusuru is a recognized company with an emphasis on developing the most advanced nutritional supplements that are not only safe, but also effective. • Their flagship product, Jusuru Life Blend, adheres to the stringent criteria of cGMP in the manufacturing practices. • The company focuses on helping their customers and representatives live healthy, active lives with a cutting-edge product backed by scientific research and safety studies.

  3. cGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations that are enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration. Adherence to the cGMP regulations assures the strength, identity, purity and quality of drug products by requiring that manufacturers control the manufacturing operations adequately.

  4. In addition to developing high quality nutritional supplements, Jusuru International is also actively involved in a range of charitable activities. Asma Ishaq was the Vice President of Business Development at Give Something Back (GSB) prior to forming Jusuru International. In 2009, she became the President of Jusuru International and introduced the same policy of community giving which she had started at GSB. Charitable Endeavors

  5. In January 2010, Jusuru International donated 36,000 bottles of water to help the survivors of Haiti earthquake. Moreover, they also made substantial contributions to an adult rehabilitation center in Anaheim, California.

  6. Jusuru International is a leading entrepreneurial company with a leadership team of dedicated managers who are committed to growing the network of independent representatives. With vast experience in health, science and management, these business professionals strive to create a values-driven and dynamic organization. The independent representatives enjoy a team-driven commission structure that promotes wellness among neighbors, friends and community at large. A Dedicated Team of Managers

  7. For every bottle of Jusuru Life Blend, one can earn up to 40 percent of the retail price, and up to 10 percent commission on the sales volume of certain independent representatives within the organization. Through the Jusuru Reward program, you can help others feel and look their best while earning a substantial income. There are so many profit streams, allowing independent representatives to start earning immediate and residual income whilst developing long-term business.

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