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By Sam Foster

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Bob and His Dog Roger. By Sam Foster. Bob was a young boy who always loved animals and had a very kind heart. Christmas was coming up and Bob really wanted a pet, so he decided to ask Santa for a dog. Dear Santa I really want a pet dog if you could send me one I would be thankful.

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By Sam Foster

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Bob was a young boy who always loved animals and had a very kind heart. Christmas was coming up and Bob really wanted a pet, so he decided to ask Santa for a dog.

Dear Santa I really want a pet dog if you could send me one I would be thankful.


He waited each day looking at the presents under the tree, wondering if his wish was going to come true.

I wonder if I’ll get a dog


Soon enough, Christmas came along. By the time Bob opened all of his presents, there was no dog in sight. “Aww! I wish Santa would give me a dog. Bob’s mom soon called for him “Bob, honey! I have something to show you! you forgot one present.”

Darn no dog..


“Here you go Bob! Its your very own dog, and his name is Roger. Bob was so happy he could barely sleep that night.



When Bob awoke the next morning Roger, his new dog, was nowhere to be found. Bob was very worried and decided to look for him.

Where have you gone Roger!


Night came quickly, and Bob decided to go to bed and begin looking for the pup the next day. When Bob awoke, to his surprise, Roger was laying on his lap. “Where did you go to?” Bob said. Roger didn’t answer; he just looked at Bob with a puzzled look

Where have you been boy, I was worried.


Bob went to bed with Roger in his lap. As Bob laid in bed, he noticed something strange. Roger began scratching at the window. “O.K. boy, Let’s go!”

Do you need to go.. Roger?


Bob opened the back door, and Roger was gone in a flash. “Roger! Roger, get back here!” Bob yelled. Roger ran and jumped the fence and disappeared into the darkness of night. “Maybe he needs to go to the bathroom,” Bob thought. “I can’t let him get lost!

NOOO Come Back


Bob went around the block but there was no sign of Roger. Suddenly, when Bob began to lose hope of finding his new dog, he saw a light in a nearby bush.



Bob hurried to the bush and found a pale green door in the ground. “Wow!” said Bob and out of curiosity he opened it. Bob suddenly found himself in a huge, dark room.


Suddenly the lights turned on. Bob saw Roger with a crowd of dogs staring at him. They were all wearing army hats. “What the…” but Bob didn’t even have the words to continue. “Follow me,” Roger said. “This can’t be real. Dogs can’t talk!” Bob thought.

What the, this can’t be real.

Follow me I’ll explain.


Roger brought Bob into a huge room full of gadgets and gizmos.

“Bob! I’m not a normal dog!” exclaimed Roger.

“What?” exclaimed Bob. “I must be dreaming!”

“I’m a super dog. I help and save other animals in need, such as cats and dogs.”

“Wow! Cool!” said Bob. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, we’re not supposed to, but now that you know, you can’t tell anyone.”

Wow cool!

I’m no ordinary mutt!



Soon, an alarm rang and the room flashed with a red light.

“Come with me, Bob! Hurry!”

Roger put on a cape, and he and Bob and hopped into the doggy mobile. “I think someone needs help,”Roger said.

Come on lets go to the Doggy Mobile!


They drove around until they reached a dark alleyway. “Look over there!” said Bob. “Cat is eating out of the dumpster. I’ll get him!” Roger said. Roger leaped in the air and caught the cat. “Wow!” said Bob. “That was amazing!” Roger gave the cat milk and tuna and drove away.

What’s that?




As they were driving around, an alarm went off in the car. “Another one!” said Roger.

What the??? Its another one!


They came to a wandering dog. “What is up?” said Roger to the wandering dog. “I buried my bone too deep, I just can’t reach it.” “What a terrible loss!” Roger said. “We’ll help you.” Roger began to dig with his paws and Bob helped with a shovel he found. It took awhile, but they finally uncovered the bone.

We’ll help you! Bob, get the shovel.

Can you help me please!


“Ummm, delicious,” said the wandering dog. “Glad we could be of help!” exclaimed Roger.

Thanks a lot yummmm..


After their adventure, Bob and Roger drove back to the secret base. “Ok Bob! We need to go home!” Roger said. “OK let’s go.”

We need to go home!

Ok lets go..


Bob and Roger walked home as the sun was rising. “I’m tired!” Bob said. “Me too!” said Roger.


When they both got home they went to bed. Bob went to sleep knowing his little dog’s secret life.

Super dog


Buzz! Buzz! Bob awoke after hearing his alarm. Roger was sitting in his lap. “It can’t be… Roger… a talking dog? Was it all a dream?” wondered Bob.


Bob got ready for school and ate breakfast. While he was walking to school, he saw a familiar looking dog.


Bob came closer to the dog and out of nowhere the dog said, “Thanks a lot! now I can eat my bone.”

Thanks for helping me get my bone!


Bob was surprised and said “Your welcome! Hey! You are the wandering dog!” As Bob walked to school he thought about his amazing adventure with his amazing dog. He wondered if his friends would believe him.