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Global Warming

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Global Warming. By: Eric Turner. What is Global Warming?. In brief global warming is the increase in planet wide temperatures We have experienced an increase in temperature by approx. 0.3-0.6°C over the last century The majority of global warming is caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

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global warming

Global Warming

By: Eric Turner

what is global warming
What is Global Warming?
  • In brief global warming is the increase in planet wide temperatures
  • We have experienced an increase in temperature by approx. 0.3-0.6°C over the last century
  • The majority of global warming is caused by greenhouse gas emissions
how greenhouse gases work
How Greenhouse Gases Work
  • First emissions like carbon dioxide and methane gas float into our upper atmosphere in the troposphere
  • Sunlight-70% is absorbed but 30% reflected
  • Greenhouse gases are a part of earth that regulates temperature however we have thrown off the delicate balance
contributors to global warming
Contributors to Global Warming
  • Carbon dioxide
    • Comes from vehicles, fossil fuel burning, industries, farming, deforestation etc.
  • Methane
    • Formed from decomposing garbage from our landfills, breeding herds of cattle
  • Nitrous oxide
    • Found in fertilizers
for the sceptics
For the Sceptics
  • Only up to 25% of recent variations can be lead back to the sun
  • According to NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies “…the solar increases do not have the ability to cause large global temperature increases…greenhouse gases are indeed playing the dominant role…”
evidence of global warming
Evidence of Global Warming
  • Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets are shedding approx. 125 billion tons of ice every year
  • Glaciers are constantly receding, like Canada’s own Athabasca Glacier which is receding at about 15m/year
  • Scientists predict that global warming will effect weather patterns and cause more frequent/intense storms and hurricanes like Katrina
  • Also predict species to start disappearing
the evidence is in the ice
The Evidence is in the Ice
  • Scientists have been using ice to measure change in greenhouse gases
    • Look at the chemical make-up to determine the atmosphere and levels of gases
    • Also gives clues to average global temperatures at that time
effects of global warming on us
Effects of Global Warming on Us
  • Sea levels rising may endanger coastal cities where much of our population is located
  • Increased flooding due to intense storms
  • Extreme drought
    • Crops failing
  • Frequent heat waves and smog
    • Increase in heat stroke, asthma, pollen season
what can we do to fix this
What can we do to Fix this?
  • To fix this problem we need to find alternate sources of power or a way to clean the air
    • Replace coal, oil and natural gas plants with nuclear plants or solar energy
    • Use electric cars
    • Hydrogen as a source of fuel
    • Remove the CO2 by planting new trees
  • The problems with Global warming were addressed at a meeting in Kyoto among the UN
    • People want to see immediate change and reduction would produce little results for decades
    • Costly economically
    • Nations would be unequally taxed
    • Desire to increase standards of living causes increase of production and therefore emissions
the facts
The Facts
  • Studies from 2004 show humans produce over 8 billion tons of CO2 per year
  • Since 1750 CO2 levels have increased 35% and methane 148%
    • Highest levels in 650 000 years
  • Estimates for the end of the 21st century put temp. increase from 1.4-5.8°C
  • If something is not done about global warming now we are headed for problems
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