Rup and agile development processes
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RUP And Agile Development Processes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RUP And Agile Development Processes. Walker Royce and Gary Pollice. What Is Agility?. Speed Nimbleness Quick reaction Flexibility (insert your adjective here). One View Of Agile Software Development. Individuals and interactions over process

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Rup and agile development processes

RUP And Agile Development Processes

Walker Royce and Gary Pollice

What is agility
What Is Agility?

  • Speed

  • Nimbleness

  • Quick reaction

  • Flexibility

  • (insert your adjective here)

One view of agile software development
One View Of Agile Software Development

  • Individuals and interactions over process

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation

  • Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation

  • Responding to change over following a plan

Values of the Agile Alliance

What's Wrong With This?

Agile principles
Agile Principles

  • Early and continuous delivery of valuable software

  • Welcome changing requirements, even late in development

  • Deliver working software frequently

  • Business people and developers must work together daily

  • Build projects around motivated individuals – give them the environment and support they need and trust them to get the job done

  • Face-to-face conversation is the most efficient and effective method of conveying information

  • Working software is the primary measure of progress

  • Agile processes promote sustainable development

  • Simplicity is essential (maximize the amount of work not done)

  • The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams

  • The team reflects on and adjusts its behavior at regular intervals

  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility

Rup and agile development processes

Almost all of the XP core practices are compatible with RUP!!

Are they enough?

That depends upon your project

(project first then process)

Top 10 principles modern iterative process
Top 10 Principles – Modern (Iterative) Process RUP!!

1. Focus the process on the architecture first

2. Attack risks early with an iterative life cycle

3. Emphasize component-based development

4. Change management of all artifacts

5. Simplify change freedom with round-trip engineering

6. Use rigorous, model-based design notation

7. Instrument the process for objective quality control

8. Emphasize demonstration-based assessment

9. Plan releases with evolving levels of detail

10. Establish a scalable, configurable process

What s missing
What’s Missing? RUP!!


Best Practices and Principles are only “best” in the proper context

How much process is necessary
How Much Process is Necessary? RUP!!



Small Team

Chaos (no process)

Department of Defense

Amount of Process Necessary

When is Less Appropriate?

Co-located teams

Smaller projects (less than 25)

Straightforward projects

Internally imposed constraints

When is More Appropriate?

Distributed teams

Large projects (25, 125, 625)

Complex projects

Externally imposed constraints


Contractual requirements

Legal requirements

Projects need to adapt over time
Projects Need to Adapt Over Time RUP!!






  • Teams grow, needs change.

    • A small team that needs only mild requirements management today may need a stronger process later.

Summary RUP!!

  • Agility is about responding appropriately to your environment

  • Spirit of RUP and Agile Alliance principles are pretty much in line

    • Architecture is the main area of debate

  • Context is important

  • So are brains

  • Get the right balance of people, process, and tools