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Jaime Gornsztejn – Head of BNDES London Office ( PowerPoint Presentation
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Jaime Gornsztejn – Head of BNDES London Office (

Jaime Gornsztejn – Head of BNDES London Office (

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Jaime Gornsztejn – Head of BNDES London Office (

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  1. Jaime Gornsztejn – Head of BNDES London Office (

  2. The Amazon Forest The largest tropical rainforest on the planet. Some 7 million km2 stretchedacross nine countries in South America: Bolivia Ecuador Venezuela Colombia Peru Suriname Guiana French Guiana Brazil

  3. TheAmazonFund The Brazilian government’s original proposal presented in Bali, Indonesia, in December 2007, to create a mechanism to support efforts in reducing deforestation in the Amazon.

  4. Deforestation in the Amazon

  5. Almost 75% Decrease in 05 years Deforestation in the Amazon

  6. Supported Categories • The Amazon Fund supports projects in the following categories: • Environmental conservation, management of public forests and protected areas; • Economic activities as well as scientific and technological development for sustainable use of biodiversity; • Forest management and recovery of deforested areas; • Planning, land use planning and putting property documentation into order; • Environmental control, monitoring and inspection; • Monitoring and control systems in other Brazilian biomes and in other tropical countries.

  7. The Management of the Amazon Fund • Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) • is responsible for managing the Fund

  8. Latin America’s largest development bank 100% Government owned, but operationally independent BNDES - Summary Highlights Key instrument for industrial policy and infrastructure financing Total Assets=US$ 222bn , Disbursements=US$ 72bn (2009) Equity Portfolio= US$ 54bn (market value)

  9. Governance Calculation of deforestation rates National Institute of Space Research – INPE/MCT Calculation of prevented emissions Brazilian Forestry Service – SFB/MMA Donors Governments, Companies, NGOs, Individuals Certification of prevented emissions Technical Committee of the Amazon Fund Fundraising BNDES Approval and monitoring of projects BNDES Guidelines and Investment Criteria Guidance Committee of the Amazon Fund Project Implementation Local Government, NGOs Independent audit Independent Auditors

  10. Fundraising for the Amazon Fund is based on the effective reduction of CO2 emissions. That is, new resources are only raised when emissions in the Amazon have in fact been reduced. Fundraising

  11. Fundraising Reference

  12. First donation: Norway • The Norwegian Government announced that it will provide the Amazon Fund with US$ 1 billion over the next four to seven years. Fundraising Kickoff

  13. Operational Modalities - BNDES • Protected areas; • Institutional modernization and development; • Sustainable production activities; • Scientific and technological development.

  14. To support the increase and maintenance • of protected forest areas. Goal • Creations and implementation of new Conservation Units (CUs); • Consolidation of existing CUs; • Monitoring of biodiversity in CUs; • Preservation of genetic resources; • Payment for environmental services. What can be financed • Federal, state and municipal programs and projects; • Public-private programs and projects; • NGOs. Possible beneficiaries Protected Areas

  15. To support environmental management, putting property documentation into order, licensing, inspection and monitoring within the Amazon biome. Goal • Ecological-Economic Zoning; • Monitoring systems; • Qualification and training; • Property management systems; • Infrastructure equipment; • Information and communication systems. What can be financed • Environmental, property and support organs (federal, state and municipal); • Organs for environmental control and against environmental crimes. • NGOs Possible beneficiaries Institutional Modernization and Development

  16. To support processes for sustainable production, commercialization and use of natural resources in the Amazon Biome. Goal • Production chain of wood and non-wood • products; • Integration of forestry, agriculture and • cattle-raising; • Forest Certification; • Renewable energies; • Ecotourism; • Other sustainable production activities. What can be financed • Co-operatives; • Settlements; • Micro, small, and medium-sized companies; • Small rural producers; • Indigenous communities; • Anchor companies; • NGOs. Possible beneficiaries Sustainable Production Activities

  17. To support innovation as well as scientific and technological research associated to sustainable production practices. Goal • Infrastructure, as well as ST&I programs • and projects in the Amazon; • Development of monitoring systems and • methodology; • Information and communication networks. What can be financed • Governmental and university research • centers; • Public companies; • Scientific-technological institutes; • NGOs. Possible beneficiaries Scientific and Technological Development

  18. Additionality projects should be additional to those already included in the budget. Sustainability of the project: projects are expected to present strategies for economically sustaining the results after implementation. Sustainability projects are expected to be coherent with the Sustainable Amazon Plan. PAS projects are expected to be coherent with the Plan of Action to Prevent and Control Deforestation in the Legal Amazon. PPCDAM projects are expected to be coherent with the State Plans to Combat Deforestation State plans Fundamental Conditions

  19. Approved Projects TNC – The Nature Conservancy Brazil IOV – Ouro Verde Institute IMAZON – Amazon Institute of People and the Environment FAS – Amazonas Sustainable Foundation ARPA – Protected Amazon Areas

  20. State Capitals Rivers Arcoverde FAS TNC, Ouro Verde Institute and IMAZON ARPA Legal Amazon Approved Projects

  21. TNC – The Nature Conservancy (Brazil) Larger than Austria Approved Projects • Amazon Fund • US$ 9.1 million • Total Area • 120,000km2 • Project • The TNC project will encourage environmental registration of rural producers in 12 municipalities, 7 located in the state of Mato Grosso and 5 located in the state of Pará. The main productive activities in the area involve wood production, cattle-raising and soybean harvesting.

  22. IOV – Ouro Verde Institute Approved Projects • Amazon Fund • US$ 3.1 million • Project • Stimulate the environmental recovery of degraded areas and help family farms in 6 municipalities located in the extreme North of the state of Mato Grosso, by introducing combined agricultural and forests systems. Suchsystems allow forest management, agricultural production and animal-raising in the same area in a sustainable way.

  23. IMAZON – Amazon Institute of People and the Environment Approved Projects • Amazon Fund • US$ 5.5 million • Total Area • 66,640 km2 • Project • Mobilization of local society, state and federal governments in 11 municipalities in the state of Pará. The goal is to collect environmental and land-related data from rural properties and to accelerate the registration of land owners at the Environmental Rural Registry.

  24. FAS – Amazonas Sustainable Foundation Equivalent to Portugal Approved Projects • Amazon Fund • US$ 11 million • Total Area • 100,000km2 • Project • Expand the Forest Allowance Program (Income and Association) in Conservation Units (UC) of Sustainable Use, in which traditional populations are permitted to remain. The Program purpose is prevent and control deforestation, by providing payment for environmental services, estimulating sustainable activities and improving the living standard of the people that live in the forest.

  25. ARPA – Protected Amazon Areas Equivalent to Norway Approved Projects • Amazon Fund • US$ 11.4 million • Total Area • 320,000km2 • Project • The FUNBIO-ARPA Program halts deforestation by creating and consolidating new Conservation Units. In its first phase, the project created 62 Conservation Units. The goal now is to support the creation of new Units and consolidate existing ones.

  26. Current Portfolio Level Portfolio in 04/15/2010

  27. AMAZON FUND For Further information:

  28. Brazil tends to it. We all win. The world sponsors it.