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Summative task who we are . Ken/6C. Japan (celebration).

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Japan celebration
Japan (celebration)

  • Japanese festivals and celebrations has many different kinds of festivals and it is not only such as Hinamatsuri, it is also Hanami, Hanabi and eventually and still other Japanese festivals such as kodonomohi, shichi- Go- san and Setsubun. In setsubun, Japanese people were dress up in demon masks and throw soya beans at each other. In Shichi-Go-San, girls aged 7 and three and boys aged 5 go to shrines and temples dressed in their best clothes. In Kodomo-no-hi, a children’s holiday, is held on May. Families with boys fly steamers made to look like a koi, a koi is a Japanese fish, it represents strength. In Hanami, Japanese people were sightseeing at the Sakura flowers (cherry blossom) and after that, people were having a picnic during Hanami. In Hanabi, Japanese people were sightseeing about Japanese fireworks. In Hinamatsuri, it is a doll’s day or girls day, it is a special day in Japan as well.

Brazil celebration
Brazil (celebration)

  • Brazillian people were celebrating such as carnival. The Carnival is celebrated in Brazil every year, 46 days before the Easter festival. Carnival is taken from the word carnelevare, which literally translates to “removal of meat”. The roots of the festival are believed to be in the tradition of Roman Catholics when they abstained from meat and alcohol on certain days as a method to drive away bad things from their life.  The Carnival in Brazil as we know it today is believed to have originated during the European dominated era. Back then, followers of the Roman Catholic Church would indulge in last day of dance, fun, alcohol and sex just before the start of Lent, which is a period of abstinence from alcohol and other sins. Back then, people would exchange clothes and indulge in wild dancing, and it also sometimes coincided with exchange of slaves.

Germany celebration
Germany (celebration)

  • German people were celebrating October fest, in October fest they celebrate their drinking and eating foods on October

Usa celebration
USA (celebration)

  • American people always celebrate such as thanksgiving and Christmas not only that but still there is called Halloween and other American festivals. In thanksgiving. American people were thanks to the Indians that they gave to the Americans. In Christmas, American people were celebrating during the winter and it is held on December

Indonesia celebration
Indonesia (celebration)

  • Indonesian people were celebrating Independence Day on 17th August every year. This celebration is held to remember the heroes of Indonesia who had been struggle for Indonesian independence.


  • 1. There are some various celebrations around the world. All of this celebration is also has a pack of ritual and traditions. The celebration is not only about the national matter, but also some religious matter.

  • 2. Every country has its own celebration based on beliefs and values there. That is the reason why different country has different celebration

Conclusion part 2
Conclusion part 2

  • 3. In Indonesia, there are so many celebrations compared to other countries because in Indonesia there are many tribes, religion and islands. This diversity led to various celebrations in Indonesia.

  • 4. Eventually, there are still many different new celebrations in the future and it is also features of many variety of celebrations

Conclusion part 3
Conclusion part 3

  • 5. Not only has many different kinds of celebrations, also that there will be different kinds of cultures and different continent’s celebrations.

Positive ways in celebration
Positive ways in celebration

  • 1. We should respect the others differences because it is very polite to respect to other people from other countries around the world. Those differences are something that very interesting.

  • 2.We should tolerate everything that is positive about their culture.

  • 3.Sometimes we can take a part in their celebration to support them.

  • 4.should not say any negative words about their celebration.

  • 5. We should not ruin their celebration, since we want our celebration being held smoothly

Positive ways part 2
Positive ways part 2

  • 6.We should always be kind and polite to other people during celebrations

  • 7.We should always be kind to other country’s celebrations

  • 8.We need to always be nice and be tolerance when meet other people

  • 9.We should not say negative words about their culture.

  • 10.We must do positive behavior about their culture.

  • 11.We should be nice to their culture

  • 12.We should say any appropriate words to other people.