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STATE ADOPTION RESOURCE AGENCY - MAHARASHTRA. SARA (Maharashtra). SARA in Maharashtra state started functioning in the month of July, 2012 SARA functions as the agency to promote in-country adoption and regulate inter-country adoption. Present Status in Maharashtra. STATUS OF FOSTER CARE

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Sara maharashtra
SARA (Maharashtra)

  • SARA in Maharashtra state started functioning in the month of July, 2012

  • SARA functions as the agency to promote in-country adoption and regulate inter-country adoption.

Present status in maharashtra
Present Status in Maharashtra


No of children in various types of Foster Care:

Kinship Foster Care- 12792

Foster Care outside the family-1823

State adoption resource agency maharashtra


  • MSCPS is collaborating with Tata Memorial Hospital and other allied hospitals with their ‘Children’s Palliative Care’ Project and would be linking all the children with life limiting conditions to Sponsorship.

Categories of children for sponsorship
Categories of children for sponsorship-

  • Children with life limiting conditions (for e.g. cerebral palsy, Thalassemia etc.)

  • Children who are suffering from cancer, HIV etc.

  • Malnourished Children

  • Children with physical disabilities

  • Children with mental disabilities

  • Children with psychological disabilities

  • Children with sensory impairments

  • Children with learning disabilities, autism etc

  • Children in need assistive devices and aids (for e.g. Hearing aids, spectacles, wheel chairs, crutches etc.)

  • Destitute children (institutional/non institutional)

  • Runaway children

  • Children forced into child marriage

  • Children forced into child labor

  • Trafficked children

  • Begging children

  • Children in need of educational, vocational etc. support belonging to low socio economic background

  • Children in foster care/ adoption

  • Riot affected children

  • Children affected due to natural calamities/disasters

  • Children affected due to cross border conflicts

  • Children who are physically or sexually abused

  • Children who require sponsorship support for legal aid

  • Children with any other special needs and requirements such as sports equipments, extracurricular activities (singing, dancing, playing instruments etc)

State adoption resource agency maharashtra

  • Programmatic & Financial Assessment of SAAs

    - SARA has done programmatic and financial assessment of 17 SAAs which are funded by MSCPS.

  • It was observed that out of 17, 4 agencies were not working as per the CARA guidelines and JJ Act, therefore Project Sanctioning Committees (PSCs) of ICPS cancelled their recognitions.

Facts observed during the assessment

  • Cleanliness and Hygiene was not maintained

  • Rooms, toilets and even the kitchen were not clean and were in bad conditions

  • Poor hygiene resulted in bed sores and injuries to the children

  • Health of the children were compromised and neglected; proper medical care was not being provided

  • Minimum standards of care of children mentioned in CARA Guidelines were not maintained.

  • The SAAs were not maintaining proper records as per the CARA guidelines and also they had taken unwed mother’s signatures on blank stamp papers.

  • SAAs were also engaged in misguiding the families

State adoption resource agency maharashtra

  • Coordination with SAAs & ARC

  • To discuss issues and concerns with respect to in-country and inter-country adoption in the state.

  • SARA will conduct quarterly meetings with all SAAs/RIPAs to discuss adoption related issues

  • With respect to pending cases SARA will persuade with the ARC to have at least 3 meeting in a month to clear the cases on time.

Plan of action
Plan of action

  • Quarterly meeting with SAAs/RIPAs

  • Training on ‘Track Child’ to all the SAAs /RIPAs

  • State level consultation on Adoption, Foster care and Sponsorship

  • Preparation of comprehensive Adoption, foster care and sponsorship plan for the state

  • Programmatic and financial Assessment of all the SAAs