why you should be a gp l.
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Why you should be a GP

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Why you should be a GP. Dr Mark Feldman MBBS MRCGP (dist) DFFP DOCCMED MDCH ILTM . Who am I ?. GP for 25 yrs Trainer in general practice Occupational health Sanofi aventis, AXA, Healthsure, Thames power Deanery interviewer Hypnotherapy Lecturing. Why you should be a GP. Gate In

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why you should be a gp

Why you should be a GP

Dr Mark Feldman


who am i
Who am I ?
  • GP for 25 yrs
  • Trainer in general practice
  • Occupational health
    • Sanofi aventis, AXA, Healthsure, Thames power
  • Deanery interviewer
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Lecturing
why you should be a gp3
Why you should be a GP
  • Gate In
  • The Course
  • After qualification
  • What its like to be a gp
  • Clinical Cases
med school entry requirements
Med School Entry requirements


  • A2 Levels**1. Chemistry required. 2. One from Biology, Physics or Mathematics required.3. One other subject, which may include those named above excluding General Studies.
  • AS LevelsBiology required (Grade B minimum).
med school entry requirements5
Med School Entry requirements
  • GCSE Normally a minimum of 8 GCSEs mostly A or A*. English Language Grade B minimum, (650 for TOEFL or 7.0 for each component of IELTS), Physics and Mathematics (at Grade A minimum) if not offered at A or AS Level, Integrated Science (Double Certificate) Grade A is acceptable as an alternative to Physics.
  • **320 Points Minimum from 3 GCE Advanced Levels (with at least 2 A Grade passes) or equivalent must be achieved in year 13.
med school entry requirements6
Med School Entry requirements
  • Required standard of Mathematics and English Language
  • All candidates must have GCSE or O-level at grade B or above in English Language and Mathematics.
  • GCE A-levels
  • Students are expected to take three A-levels and one additional AS-level. These courses should be completed within two years (we do not consider re-sit students).
  • Chemistry must be studied at A-level. Biology must be studied at either A or AS-level. A candidate can have a free choice of other AS/A-level subjects, with the following exceptions:
  • General Studies A-level is acceptable only as an alternative to the additional AS-level.
  • We do not wish to discourage applicants who are studying two mathematical subjects at A-level, but such applicants should be aware that they will need to take four A-levels, as offers will only include one of the Maths subjects amongst the three A-level combination. For example, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics A-levels and AS-level Biology would not be acceptable.
  • Please note that some preference will be given to applicants who, in addition to Chemistry and Biology, offer a contrasting subject at A or AS-level. In this context the definition of a contrasting subject is one outside the traditional science subjects of Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. For example, a foreign language, English literature, history, geography, art, music, critical thinking, religious studies, design and technology etc.
  • Our standard conditional offer is grades AAB at A-level and a pass in an additional AS-level. The reference on the UCAS application must list boththe A-level and the additional AS-level grade predictions in order for the candidate to be considered further.
med school entry requirements7
Med School Entry requirements
  • UKCAT[UK Clinical Aptitude Test ] will consist of five subtests:
    • Verbal reasoning- assesses candidates' ability to think logically about written information and arrive at a reasoned conclusion.
    • Quantitative reasoning- assesses candidates' ability to to solve numerical problems.
    • Abstract reasoning - assesses candidates' ability to infer relationships from information by convergent and divergent thinking.
    • Decision Analysis- assesses candidates' ability to deal with various forms of information, to infer relationships, to make informed judgements, and decide upon an appropriate response.
    • Non-cognitive analysis – identifies robustness, empathy
med school entry requirements8
Med School Entry requirements
  • UK CAT – 2 hours long
    • http://www.ukcat.ac.uk/
    • Above shows online demos.
    • Details of the test
    • List of universities which require it
med school entry requirements9
Med School Entry requirements
  • Biomedical Admissions Test BMAT
    • 2 hour
    • Pen and paper
      • Aptitude and skills 60 min
      • Scientific Knowledge 30 min
      • Writing task 30 min 1 from 3
    • Full details and advice available online
    • http://www.bmat.org.uk
med school entry requirements10
Med School Entry requirements
  • BMAT Universities
    • Imperial
    • UCL
    • University of Cambridge
    • University of Oxford
    • Royal Vetinerary College
general practice
General Practice
  • Typical Week
    • There is no typical week
  • Type of work
    • Chronic Disease management
    • Acute Disease
    • Teaching
general practice15
General Practice
  • What’s the attraction?
    • Helping others
    • Problem Solving
    • Working in a team
    • Huge variety
      • Cradle to the grave
    • Continuity
general practice16
General Practice
  • What’s the attraction?
    • Autonomy
      • Portfolio careers
        • GYPSI
        • Occ health, hypnotherapy, dermatology, teaching
    • Income
income in training
Income in training

House Officer £19700

SHO £24500 – 34500

GPR £ 46000 + [ more if greater experience – max about £ 70000]

general practice18
General Practice
  • Income
      • Average gp income 43%> £100000
      • Average consultant income £67 – 91000
          • [ BUT NB private work ]
      • Average UK income £26000
general practice19
General practice
  • What’s it like
general practice50
General Practice
  • Scaly rash on elbows and knees
  • Pink well defined, raised up
  • Present for one month
  • Scaly scalp
general practice52
General Practice
  • Tiredness
  • Weight gain
  • Dry Hair
  • Constipation
  • Feeling cold
  • Coarsening of features
general practice53
General Practice
  • Hypothyroidism
general practice54
General Practice
  • Tiredness 16 yr old girl
  • Sore throat
  • Rash
  • Exudate on tonsils
  • Enlarged spleen
general practice55
General Practice
  • Glandular fever
general practice56
General Practice
  • Tiredness 14 yr old boy
  • Weight Loss
  • Polyuria
  • Thirst
general practice58
General Practice
  • Tiredness 38 yr old woman
    • 3 children
    • Husband left her
    • Tearful
    • Cant sleep
general practice60
General Practice
  • Who does it suit
    • Quick thinkers
    • People who can see patterns
    • People people
    • Curious people who like stories
general practice61
General Practice
  • Who does it suit
    • Skills Needed
      • Pattern Recognition
      • Memory – the database
      • Communication
      • IT
      • Social skills
      • Ability to work in team
      • Problem solving