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RPM - Offender

RPM - Offender. Analysis RPM product release . RPM supports multiple nodes/segments. RPM supports concurrent display and analysis of multiple-nodes/segments . Due to unique architecture, RPM can support an unlimited number of nodes/segments in linearly expandable fashion.

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RPM - Offender

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  1. RPM - Offender Analysis RPM product release

  2. RPM supports multiple nodes/segments • RPM supports concurrent display and analysis of multiple-nodes/segments. • Due to unique architecture, RPM can support an unlimited number of nodes/segments in linearly expandable fashion. • Offender does not provide analysis or display of multiple-nodes/segments

  3. RPM supports wide selection criteria • RPM supports a wide range ofselection criteria including selection by: • By individual Cpu • By all Cpus in a node • By selected sets of nodes/segments • By selection of entire network of node/segments • By various metrics such as busy, inputs, outputs, IOs, memory, page faults, queue length, etc, ... • Offender does not handle multiple-node networks

  4. RPM provides user thresholds • RPM supports user configured threshold-levels including • INFORMATIVE thresholds • WARNING thresholds • CRITICAL thresholds • Offender does not provide thresholds

  5. RPM supports color-encoded highlighting • RPM provides color-encoded highlightingColor-encoded stats are easy to understand: • Red - Critical • Yellow - Warning • Blue - Informative • Offender doesn’t provide color-encoded data

  6. RPM is device aware • RPM is device aware • Supports many device types, including: • ANSI • VT100 • T6530 • TTY devices • Can also stream tabular output to disk or process • Offender does not support multiple device types, nor understand different device control characters.

  7. RPM supports super-sized devices • RPM supports super-sized devices, including control/support for super-large: • ANSI & VT100 - 300 column x 300 line displays • T6530 devices 80 x 25 displays • T6530 devices 132 x 54 displays • Offender does not understand large format super-sized devices such as ANSI and VT100 devices

  8. RPM is an officially supported HP product • RPM - officially supported HP product • GMCSC fully trained on RPM • GMCSC provides official HP customer product support for the RPM product • RPM installed and running on 100s of internal and customer systems • Offender not officially supported HP product

  9. RPM fully documented in NTL • RPM is fully documented • Manual fully maintained as indexed PDF file • Manual updated as new releases come out • Product manual is online and public facing • RPM manual is officially posted and updatedin the HP NonStop Technical Library (NTL).NTL was previously located at docs.hp.com, now is at www.hp.com/go/nonstop-docs • Offender has no manuals in NTL

  10. RPM does not require Measure • RPM does not require Measure • RPM startup very fast • RPM does not need to start Measure subsystem • RPM does not need to start a Measurement. • RPM startup simple, eg TACL 1 > RPM • Offender requires Measure, as a result Offender startup is slower for ad hoc query/peek type situations.

  11. RPM cannot HALT systems • RPM cannot HALT processors ! • RPM uses officially documented, standard NSK API interfaces • Offender uses high-risk, undefined-buffer-length API interface known to cause buffer overruns • Offender known to cause total system Halts • Offender Halt %5100’s continue to occur • References to Offender system halt codes: • Case 10-080615-8113 – June 15, 2008 • NonStop & Neoview Alert - April 29, 2009

  12. RPM installation and startup is easy • RPM includes simple setup wizard • RPM installation is simple and straightforward • Wizard conducts an English language style question & answer interview • Regardless of whether RPM is being installed on just 1 x node or on 100 x nodes, installation and setup is simple and easy • Offender has no setup wizard, and does not handle multi-node networks.

  13. RPM supports Fat/Thin/DB front-ending • RPM Table output can be front-ended for fat, thin, DB front-end usage, ref: • RPM - White Paper for discussion/examples: • http://NonstopRPM.com/Document.htm • Offender does easily not lend itself to fat, thin, DB front-ending

  14. RPM development is ongoing • RPM ongoing development and support is driven by RPM customer RFEs • RFEs drive RPM new product development • Significant new features result from RFEs • New product releases are in plan • Offender has no support, no development, and no new releases are in plan, Offender is not an HP product

  15. RPM - Evolution • RPM Update #2 - Driven by customer RFEs • Update #2 included significant new enhancements • New feature requests driven by customers • New BY options provide new sorting and discovery • New Display options provide side-by-side short and long term statistics views • New performance enhancements include 10-20x response time improvements. • Messaging overhead reduced by 1000x! • Offender has no new features nor bug fixesOffender does not accept customer RFEs

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