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Cyberlesson prepared by Dr. Catherine Kurkjian PowerPoint Presentation
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Cyberlesson prepared by Dr. Catherine Kurkjian

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Cyberlesson prepared by Dr. Catherine Kurkjian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Story Of A Seagull And The CAt Who Taught Her To Fly by Louis Sepulveda. Cyberlesson prepared by Dr. Catherine Kurkjian. Introduction.

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Presentation Transcript

The Story Of A

Seagull And The CAt

Who Taught Her To Fly

by Louis Sepulveda

Cyberlesson prepared by

Dr. Catherine Kurkjian



In this book you will learn about Zorba, a big black cat, his cat buddies, The Colonel, Secretario, Einstein and their quest to keep three promises made to a seagull who is deathly ill.



  • A copy of The Story of a Seagull and the Cat who Taught her to Flyby Luis Sepulveda
  • Computer with an Internet Connection
  • Reading journal and pencil
  • Character Chart
  • Sticky notes

Before You Read

Take a look at the title of the book, the cover, the illustrations and the chapter names. Discuss with your partner some of your ideas about what you predict the book will be about.

Link below to view each of the videos of seagulls. List 5 things you learned about the gulls from the videos


While You Read Part I

While you read Part I, jot down the three promises Zorba made to the the chick’s mom. Which one of promises do you think will be hardest to keep?


After You Read Part I

Go back into the text and remember all of the interesting characters you’ve met. Complete the chart below with your partner by listing some of your favorite characters. Tell their names, what they were like with your reasons for saying so. Each partner will draw a picture of their favorite character and include a speech bubble of something they might say.


Before You Read Part II

  • Jot down some questions you might have if you had to hatch a seagull egg and then feed a baby chick. Link to the following website to see if you can answer your questions. Be sure you click on the link entitled imprinting to learn about this interesting bird behavior.
  • Backyard Birds
  • http://www.backyard

While You Read Part II

While you read Part II find the problems Zorba and his friends had as they tried to keep their three promises to the chick’s mom. Mark them with a sticky note. Check to see if what you predicted was on target.


After You Read Part II

After you read Part II go back into the text and find your sticky notes where Zorba and his friends had problems keeping their promise. Discuss with your partner how each of the problems were solved. Talk about some other ways they might have solved their problems.


After Reading the Book

  • Remember when the chick’s mom got caught in an oil slick and Zorba tried to save her. Einstein went to the encyclopedia under “stain remover” where the cats found out that benzene removes oil stains. Poor Secretario dipped his tail into benzene in an effort to help save Lucky’s mom!
  • Visit the following sites to learn about penguins and otters rescued from oil slicks. What is the prognosis for birds caught in slicks?
  • If you had access to the Internet how might you go about finding out how to help Lucky’s mom? Explain your search process and what you have found that might help you learn what you can do. Plan to share findings in class.

Beyond Reading the Book

  • Are there other questions you want to ask about how oil slicks impact sea life?
  • Visit the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Site to try to answer some of your questions
  • Do you have still have unanswered questions? Visit Ask A Marine Scientist but make sure you read the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) first to see if your question(s) have already been answered.
  • View the movie on sea otters and create a poster with key ideas showing the relationship among sea otters and their environment.