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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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United Kingdom
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  1. United Kingdom (UK)

  2. Where is the UK? The UK is in Europe

  3. The United Kingdom

  4. How many countries are in the UK? Scotland Northern Ireland England Wales There are 4 countries in the United Kingdom.

  5. Capitals and flags • The capital of England is London. • The flag of England is the St. George’s Cross. • The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. • The flag of Scotland is the St. Andrew’s Cross.

  6. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. • The flag of Wales is the Red Dragon. • The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. • The flag of Northern Ireland is St. Patrick’s Cross.

  7. The Union Jack • The flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland make up the Union Jack – the flag of the United Kingdom.

  8. Famous landmarks in the UK Wiltshire, England Antrim, Northern Ireland Legend has it that the Giants Causeway was built by an Irish giant and destroyed by a Scottish giant after a dispute. • Stonehenge is over 4000 years old.

  9. Where is Stonehenge? • Stonehenge is in Wiltshire in England. • Where is the Giants Causeway? • The Giants Causeway is in Antrim in Northern Ireland.

  10. Lancashire, England Tyne and Wear, England The Angel of the North • Blackpool Tower

  11. Where is Blackpool Tower? • It is in Lancashire in England. • Where is the Angel of the North? • It is in Tyne and Wear in England.

  12. The Royal Family • Elizabeth II is the Queen of England. • Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckingham Palace in London

  13. Windor, England • The Queen has a second home in Windsor called Windsor Castle.

  14. Who is the Queen of England? • Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of England • Where does she live? • She lives in Buckingham Palace in London or Windsor Castle.

  15. Sports in the UK Cricket is the national sport of England. Football is the most popular sport in England. Golf originated in Scotland. Rugby originated in England.

  16. What is the national sport of England? • It is cricket. • Where did golf originate? • It originated in Scotland.

  17. Food in the UK Full English breakfast Traditional Sunday Roast

  18. Fish and chips Afternoon tea and scones with jam and clotted cream

  19. When can you eat a roast dinner. • You can eat a roast dinner on Sundays. • What can you eat with fish. • You can eat fish and chips. • When can you have tea and scones. • You can have tea and scones in the afternoon.

  20. Haggis from Scotland Welsh cakes from Wales Stew from Ireland

  21. Where can you eat haggis? • You can eat haggis in Scotland. • What can you eat in Wales? • You can eat Welsh cakes in Wales. • Where can you eat stew? • You can eat stew in Northern Ireland.