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Excess Baggage Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Excess Baggage Service

Excess Baggage Service

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Excess Baggage Service

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  1. Tips To Hire Excess Baggage Service © Copyright 2015 DTDC AUSTRALIA

  2. Excess Baggage Excess Baggage is defined as any baggage that a traveler doesn't bring directly with him or her, but instead sends to the final destination via a shipping company. Sending your Unaccompanied baggage is a great option for saving money, time and frustration at the other end. The "Excess Baggage" system allows the passengers to transfer their extra luggage at much discounted prices in comparison to the "excess baggage charges" levied by the airlines upon the check-in. © Copyright 2015 DTDC AUSTRALIA

  3. Why We Need Excess Baggage Service The Excess baggage is such a common problem that almost every frequent traveler has faced it at least once or twice in his/her lifetime. Airlines generally have very strict rules regarding the weight of the baggage and anything above the specified weight limit cost ridiculously high to the customers. © Copyright 2015 DTDC AUSTRALIA

  4. When We Need Excess Baggage Service • Travelling internationally for a long trip, which requires a good deal of baggage; • Transporting your student life home with you; • Emigrating, and therefore needing to send ahead a large amount of personal effects; or • Your baggage will exceed the weight limit of an airline. © Copyright 2015 DTDC AUSTRALIA

  5. Tips To Hire Excess Baggage Service When you choose Excess Baggage Service remind following things carefully- • Door to door service • Provide economical rates • Provide tracking facility • Provide Option for Air and Sea Mode • Provide proper security of customer baggage. © Copyright 2015 DTDC AUSTRALIA

  6. Excess Baggage Service By DTDC Australia DTDC offers a solution to the extra baggage problem by providing extremely cost-effective and efficient excess baggage services. DTDC door-to-door delivery system will save you from the struggle of carrying your entire extra luggage to the desired destination. Our advanced tracking system helps us to keep our customers informed about the status of their luggage. © Copyright 2015 DTDC AUSTRALIA

  7. DTDC Australia • DTDC Australia is one of the most reliable International Courier companies in Australia. If you are looking for the cheap and quality courier services, DTDC Australia is the best option for you. We provide quality services to our clients and our motive is to satisfy all of them with our valuable efforts. Corporate Head Office- 48-50 Boorea, Street Auburn - 2144 NSW, Australia Telephone: (02)90781316 Website: © Copyright 2015 DTDC AUSTRALIA