how did you attract address your audience n.
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How did you attract / address your audience? PowerPoint Presentation
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How did you attract / address your audience?

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How did you attract / address your audience? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How did you attract / address your audience?. Camera Shots + Editing.

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How did you attract / address your audience?

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camera shots editing
Camera Shots + Editing

To attract and address my audience for ‘Death Dwayne’ I used many conventions from the thriller genre, this attracted fans of thriller films. The music, shots and composition were all typical of a thriller, with close ups showing the protagonists fear and helplessness, and the music building a tense atmosphere, putting the audience on edge and making them feel uneasy.

age groups
Age Groups

The target age group for my film was males of ages 12 – 18. I made sure to enforce this in the final product by casting two boys 16 and 17 respectively, this meant that my audience could relate to the characters as they were of a similar age and of the same gender, this created a relationship between the audience and the characters from the film. By setting the opening in a suburban area, I also attracted people of the middle classes, who could relate to being in that sort of an environment.


During some parts of the filming we didn’t use a tripod because we wanted a more natural and tense feel, holding and filming whilst holding the camera in our hands created the shaky feel that we wanted, this addressed the audience by showing that the situation isn’t ideal, and that would allow a lot of teenagers to relate to this film.