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My beautiful Question. By: chelsea namias. Question. Traditional Medicine vs. Western Medicine What are the effects of holistic remedies vs. modern drugstore products? What makes a person happier?. Why I chose this question.

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my beautiful question

My beautiful Question

By: chelseanamias

  • Traditional Medicine vs. Western Medicine
  • What are the effects of holistic remedies vs. modern drugstore products?
  • What makes a person happier?
why i chose this question
Why I chose this question
  • I chose this question because it pertained to my major. I am a Pharmacy major learning about all different types of drugs and how they react inside the human body. I have always wondered where in nature these chemicals come from, and if these chemicals were taken right from their source instead of being compounded and mixed with other chemicals, could that be better for you? I also always thought about the long lasting side effects powerful drugs have, and if people would look into alternative methods to avoid those side consequences.
pros cons to modern medicine
Pros & cons to modern medicine


Long term side effects

Can cause dependency

Can cause adverse effects

Placing chemicals into body

Expensive medical treatments

  • Pros
  • More consistent method of care
  • Directly targets disease
  • Incorporates modern technology & equipment
  • Immediate relief
  • Recognized by government
pros cons to alternative medicine
Pros & cons to Alternative medicine


Not covered by most insurance companies

Usually involved multiple visits

Not scientifically approved

  • Pros
  • Includes small lifestyle changes that promotes healing
  • No side effects
  • Better quality of life

A study was conducted at Milligan College, and the results came back that the problem with western medicine it that in order for the healing of a patient to occur, the person must be into the healing with their mind and body. Western doctors are more likely to look at the body in general and treat the issue, not based on the needs of the person. The less time spent with the doctor, the less time healing is received.

  • Overall, western medicine focuses on pathology and curing disease while alternative medicine focuses on the health and healing of the person.
test 1
Test 1
  • A sample test was conducted on a student who lives on campus at the University of Rhode Island. Lauren LoPresti has seasonal allergies and usually takes Claritin D. or Benadryl for her allergy problems. With spring approaching, she agreed to be a test subject and not take her regular allergy medicines for a week (March 23rd-March 29th) and try some known holistic remedies.
  • Method 1
  • Every day for a week Lauren would get rid of her stuffy nose by flushing her nostrils out with warm water, baking soda, and salt.
  • Method 2
  • She was able reduce sneezing and itching from pollen by showering everyday. She also wore a surgical mask outside to reduce pollen intake
test 11
Test 1
  • Method 3
  • . For Lauren’s irritated mucous membranes she drank Peppermint tea. Peppermint tea was prepared by taking dried peppermint leaves and straining them through boiling water. Peppermint is a known anti-inflammatory and decongestant.
  • Method 4
  • Periodically as needed, Lauren would take a facecloth and run it under hot water. The steaming cloth was then placed over her face, but making sure that the cloth was not too hot. This opened and soothed Lauren’s sinuses and kept them from flaring up.
test 12
Test 1
  • Method 5
  • Whenever Lauren had a severe stuffy nose, or sinus headache she would get the feeling that her face felt congested and full of tension. To relieve this, Lauren ate wasabi peas to trigger her tear ducts to open and release tension. This also caused her sinuses to open and drip and relieve the feeling of fullness in her face. Horseradish was also used as a substitute and the same results appeared.
results of test 1
Results of test 1
  • After a week of using at home holistic remedies, Lauren felt like she had a better quality of life. She enjoyed having the experience of putting something into her body that she knew exactly what it was. She is uncertain sometimes about what chemicals she is putting into her body when she takes her allergy medication, because she it is unknown if she is being cured or having her symptoms just masked until the medication wears off. On the other hand, Lauren did not enjoy having to stop her daily routine and perform odd tasks in public if she wasn’t home such as putting a cloth over her face if she was in public. She felt a little uneasy having to walk around campus wearing a surgical mask, although she has not been the first one to do so. Her last thoughts about this experiment were enjoyment that the alternative remedies did not leave her drowsy after doing them.
my analysis
My analysis
  • Although these viewpoints go back and forth, my research helped me come to a clear answer. There are numerous reasons why people choose western medicine, and mostly because it is not by choice. Western medicine is more accepted by the government and insurance companies. However, alternative methods leave a person with a better quality of life.
youtube video
Youtube video
  • Dr. Hoban, creator of the Awareness Therapy Program and member of the following organizations:
  • American Neuropathic Medical Association
  • International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists
  • American Holistic Medical Association
youtube video1
Youtube video
  • What makes you happy?
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