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My Beautiful Question

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My Beautiful Question. By: Dana Clemetson. What I came up with. How does sex change relationships? . What influences me.

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my beautiful question

My Beautiful Question

By: Dana Clemetson

what i came up with
What I came up with
  • How does sex change relationships?
what influences me
What influences me
  • The thing that influenced me to research this topic is I had gotten sick and had watch the whole series of scandal in two days. From watching the show I learned that sex can change how you view things, how you act and your emotions.
  • My last reason was because since I’ve been threw it personally I wanted to know if there was a scientific reason for it.
how i approach it
How I approach it
  • I took a survey and looked at multiple websites such as blogs and informational sites.
  • Questions I had on the survey were
  • Please Circle One:
  • Female Male
  • Write Your Age:
  • When you have sex is it strictly physical? YES OR NO If no what makes it more?
  • Have you ever felt attached to someone after having sex? YES OR NO
  • If yes were you attached the person before sex?

When you have sex is it with emotion?

  •  After sex do you feel different towards the person? YES NO SOMETIMES Explain

If you ever had sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend did it change anything in the relationship? YES OR NO If yes what did it change?

If you answered yes to the pervious question do you wish you never had sex ? Explain.

  • Do you think sex changes your life in anyway?
  • Do you feel like you make more bad decisions when sex is involved?
my results
My Results

Most feel like sex does change their life. Wither its by making you feel closer to the person, changing you mentally, complexes things, making you feel amazing, to looking at the person from a different angle.

  • Something that surprised me was must of them felt like sex is something you shouldn’t have just because your physically attracted to the person. That was a shock because in the generation we live in today it seems likes everyone just has sex just to have it.
what i learned from the survey
What I learned from the survey
  • Most guys refused to take it but when I ask they would say “no thanks but sex, is good!”
  • What I found from the survey questions is that most of the women said that sex is more than physical thing for them its more emotional and mental.
  • Alcohol influences the situation. One male said that “ Alcohol makes it more or a strong attraction between me and the girl.”
how the brain works during sex
How the brain works during sex

This chart is where I learned some key information and some fun facts. I wasn’t able to enhance it so you wouldn’t be able to read it without it being blurry.

What I did learn from it is that a part of your brain called the lateral orbit frontal shuts down during an orgasm. Which is the decision making part of the brain.

A fun fact is when having a orgasm your brain looks like a person taking heroin.

the science behind sex
The Science behind sex
  • In our brain there is something called a reward circuit, which includes all kinds of pleasure, from sex to laughter to certain types of drug use. Some of the brain areas impacted by pleasure include:
  • Theamygdala regulates emotions.
  • The nucleus accumbens controls the release of dopamine
  • The ventral tegmental area (VTA) - actually releases the dopamine
  • The pituitary gland - releases beta-endorphins, which decrease pain; oxytocin, which increases feelings of trust; and vasopressin, which increases bonding
what the doctor says
What the Doctor says…
  • Linda Young from Psychology Today has a Ph D in psychology and is a relationship coach.
  • Her opinion on intimate relationships she says “ If you are really hungry for love when lust comes along you become more prone to fantasizing a relationship where none exists because your unmet relational needs cause you to selectively interpret reality”
she also says
She also says
  • You get hooked on repeated highs of impersonal sex with a particular physical type which hinder you from finding real intimacy in a long-term love relationship.
scientists at rutgers
Scientists at Rutgers

Your brain is affected in numerous ways at the point of climax, with thirty brain centers being activated during female orgasm. Your nervous system short circuits and your pain centers are numbed, just by the act of finishing the deed.

  • After reviewing all the information I found I realized that sex can effect you in many ways. From shutting down control systems in your brain to causing you to make irrational decisions due to your inability of the situation.
sex can change relationships
Sex Can Change Relationships
  • The answer to my Beautiful Question is sex does change relationships. Wither it’s a relationship you’ve been in for a long time or a relationship that’s only physical. In the end it will impact you, either negatively or positively.