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S mall Business T echnology Tr ansfer. INNOVATION. Dynamically Reconfigurable Vision. Comptek Amherst Systems, Inc Buffalo, NY.

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Dynamically Reconfigurable Vision

Comptek Amherst Systems, Inc

Buffalo, NY

Comptek Amherst Systems has developed inexpensive, low-power, reconfigurable sensors that reduce video bandwidth in real-time surveillance, precision strike, and other tactical imaging applications.

  • Fabricated a reconfigurable sensor with three programmable on- chip windows. Snapshot-mode integration, multi-resolution via pixel averaging, and multiple readout ports. The on-chip windows can be reconfigured on a frame-by-frame basis to have arbitrary position, size, resolution and overlap.
  • Developed a digital camera the incorporates the aforementioned imager and features a fast Ethernet data link for sensor configuration commands and return video, TCP/CP, embedded sensor controller, and a microprocessor.
  • Created a demonstration system on a laptop PC running a Windows NT graphical user interface.
  • Currently developing a second-generation 800x600 sensor that will have on-chip analog-to-digital converters in addition to the previous generation’s features. Engineering studies are also commencing to implement DRV technology on low light level and shortwave IR (SWIR) sensors
  • Currently working with industry partners to develop field-worthy prototype systems by 2001, and plan to begin high-volume sensor and camera board production by 2004.
  • Several patents are pending on DRV technology, Comptek Amherst is establishing an intellectual property core to make DRV available for licensing by interested parties

Three-Window DRV Imagery: Dual Target Tracking plus Full Field-of-View Surveillance

  • NASA - Vision system for extravehicular helper/retriever robot and other spaceborne imaging applications
  • Air Force - Prototype DRV system is in use and a second-generation system will be delivered in 2001
  • US Navy - Surveillance and target identification from unmanned vehicles is a top concern. Currently the Navy is funding an infrared DRV preliminary system design.

Year Phase II, NAS1-

NASA Contact

Company Contact : Chris Kramer (716)631-0088 x188

Langley Research Center