imperialism and new global patterns n.
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Imperialism and New Global Patterns. Ch. 24 and 25. Why build overseas. Economic Interests Industrial Revolution Political and Military motives Humanitarian and Religious goals Social Darwinism Explain the correlation between industrial revolution and Imperialism.

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why build overseas
Why build overseas
  • Economic Interests
    • Industrial Revolution
  • Political and Military motives
  • Humanitarian and Religious goals
  • Social Darwinism
  • Explain the correlation between industrial revolution and Imperialism.
rapid spread of western imperialism
Rapid Spread of Western Imperialism
  • How did Western Imperialism spread throughout Africa and Asia so quickly?
    • Weakness
    • Strong Armies – Westerners
      • Maxim gun
forms of imperial rule
Forms of Imperial Rule



Direct rule

Impose French culture

  • indirect rule
  • “Westernized”
  • North Africa – Muslims
  • West Africa – New Muslim leaders and strong kingdoms (Asante)
  • East Africa – slave trade
  • South Africa – Zulus, Boers
africa european contact
Africa – European Contact
  • Missionaries
    • paternalistic
    • urged Africans to reject their own traditions
  • Livingstone and Stanley
  • Medical advancement, steamships, and missionaries pushed deep in to Africa
africa scramble for colonies
Africa – Scramble for Colonies
  • Berlin Conference
    • Explain?
    • The effect?
  • Resistance
    • Ethiopia - Independent
muslim regions
Muslim Regions
  • All three Muslim empires were in a decline
  • Muslim Reform
    • Mahdi – resisted British expansion into the region
    • Wahhabi –
  • How was Imperialism a source of stress in Muslim regions?
problems for the ottoman empire
Problems for the Ottoman Empire
  • How were efforts to Westernize problematic for the Ottoman Empire?
egypt seeks to modernize
Egypt seeks to modernize
  • Muhammad Ali – Father of modern Egypt
    • Economic and Political reforms
  • Suez Canal
    • Why is this Important?
  • Explain how Egypt fell under British control?
persia and the european powers
Persia and the European Powers
  • How did Persia attract foreign interest early in 1900’s?
east india company and rebellion
East India Company and Rebellion
  • Explain how Britain was able to take over India.
  • Identify the main goal of the East India Company.
  • Three unpopular East India Company moves
    • Sepoys – serve anywhere
    • Hindu widows can remarry
    • New rifles greases with pork fat
  • Unpopular moves led to the Sepoy Rebellion
impact of british colonial rule
Impact of British Colonial Rule
  • Explain how the British colonial rule affected the Indian agriculture.
different views on culture
Different views on Culture
  • Explain how Indians and the British view each others culture in the 1800’s
indian nationalism grows
Indian Nationalism Grows
  • How are the origins of Indian nationalism linked to British rule?
trade between britain and china
Trade between Britain and China
  • Explain how the British trade with China triggered the Opium wars.
the taiping rebellion weakens china
The Taiping Rebellion weakens China
  • How did the Taiping Rebellion and other internal problems weaken the Qing dynasty
    • Years of turmoil
    • Power given to regional leaders
launching reform efforts
Launching reform efforts
  • Explain why scholars disapproved of Western Ideas.
  • Self Strengthening movement
    • Imported Western technology
  • Sino-Japanese War
    • Japan gained ___________
  • Open door Policy
    • What was the problem with this?
  • 100 days reform – GuangXu
    • Modernize
qing dynasty falls
Qing dynasty falls
  • What caused the Qing dynasty to fall?
discontent in tokugawa japan
Discontent in Tokugawa Japan
  • Japan in Isolation for more than 200 years
  • Many Japanese upset due to economic changes but no change towards the social structure and the weak shogun leaders
japan opens up
Japan Opens Up
  • Meiji restoration – 1868 – 1912
  • Explain how the Meiji reforms set out to strengthen the Japanese.
meiji transformation
Meiji Transformation
  • Modern Government
    • Adapted German model government
  • Industrialization
    • Modern banking, railroads, ports, telegraph, postal system
  • Changes in Society
    • Some women can receive an education
  • Meiji reforms brought about a strong sense of identity, economic growth,
japan s growing military strength
Japan’s Growing Military Strength
  • Korea
    • Many nations fought Korea, ports opened up to Japanese trading
    • Annexed in 1910
  • Gains Taiwan from the First Sino Japanese War
  • Defeats Russia in Ruso –Japanese War gains Manchuria
  • Explain how industrialization help start Japan on an Imperialist course?
europeans colonize southeast asia
Europeans Colonize Southeast Asia
  • Dutch East Indies – Java and Moluccas (Spice Islands)
  • Britain
    • 1886 – Burma
    • Malaysia
  • Siam (Thailand)
    • Escaped being a European Colony
  • France
    • Indochina ( Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia)
the united states and the philippines and hawaii
The United States and the Philippines and Hawaii
  • Spanish American War
    • Explain how American gained the Philippines.
  • Why did some Americans think the United States should control Hawaii?
  • Explain how the British responded to Canada’s request for self rule.
  • With the fear of European influence and take over Britain pushed for the people of Australia to embrace self rule and acknowledge the British monarchy as head of state.
  • 1856 Women had the right to vote
new zealand
New Zealand
  • Settlers killed off the Maori (natives) received independence from Britain in 1907.
  • Kept close ties to Britain
lingering political problems
Lingering Political Problems
  • What factors undermined democracy in post independence Latin America?
  • Explain the struggles Mexico went through as it tried to find stability in the 1800’s.
economies of dependence
Economies of Dependence
  • How did foreign influence and investment affect Latin America?
unites states influence
Unites States influence
  • Monroe Doctrine
    • ?
  • Interferes
    • Cuba – 1901 naval bases and meddle in Cuban affairs
    • Roosevelt Corollary
    • Dollar Diplomacy
  • Panama Canal
    • Explain how the US got control of the Panama Canal