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The Development of. EUROPE. THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD. EARLY MIDDLE AGES 500 – 1000 DARK AGES 500 – 800 LATE MIDDLE AGES 1000 – 1450 “MEDIEVAL” = “IN THE MIDDLE”. DEV. OF MODERN EUROPE. CLOVIS brought Christianity to the Frankish kingdom in the 6 th century

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The medieval period


    • 500 – 1000


    • 500 – 800


    • 1000 – 1450


Dev of modern europe

  • CLOVIS brought Christianity to the Frankish kingdom in the 6th century

  • “Mayor of the Palace” – most powerful person in the Frankish kingdom by 7th cent.

Charles martel
Charles martel

  • “The Hammer”

  • Mayor of the Palace who led the Franks against the Muslims in the Battle of Tours in 732.

  • Stopped the northern spread of Islam.

Pepin the short
Pepin the short

  • Mayor of the Palace after his father

  • Wanted to be King instead of MoP

  • Worked with the Pope to earn the title of King

  • Conquered the Lombards and gave their land to the Church (Donation of Pepin)


  • Brought unity and cultural revival to Europe

  • Converted Europe to Christianity

  • Pope Leo III crowned him “Emperor of the Romans”

  • Established schools and focused on translating Latin texts

Treaty of verdun
Treaty of verdun

  • Divided Charlemagne’s domain between…

    • Charles the Bald

      • West

    • Lothair

      • Middle

    • Louis the German

      • East

Holy roman empire1
Holy roman empire

Otto crowned emperor of the “Roman Empire of the German Nation” in 936 by the Pope.

Lay Investiture – kings appoint Church officials in their realms

Henry IV got in a fight with the Pope over L.I. – Pope excommunicated him

Frederick “Barbarossa” – 1st to call it the H.R.E. – drowned on his way to Crusades

Frederick barbarossa
Frederick barbarossa

Medieval france
Medieval france

Hugh capet
Hugh capet

  • In 987 he is elected King of France

    • Really he only controls the area immediately around Paris

    • This began the Capetian Dynasty

Phillip ii augustus1
Phillip II “Augustus”

Sought to unify French lands by limiting English control of French territory

Supposed to fight in the King’s Crusade but returned home and attacked English land (while the real English king was gone)

Tripled the size of France

For the first time in French history, the king was more powerful than any of his vassals

Louis ix
Louis IX

Considered an ideal king due to his extreme piety

Made a saint posthumously (St. Louis)

Rumor has it, he paid an exorbitant amount of money for a thorn supposedly from the crown of Jesus and then nearly bankrupt the country building a cathedral to house it. (since it is rumor, lets not write it down)

Alfred the great

  • United the Angle and Saxon kingdoms to become the first King of England

  • Commissioned the monks to write a history of the land called the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

In 1066
In 1066…

Edward the Confessor dies without an heir to the throne…

Several people compete for the throne including Harold Godwinson(an Anglo-Saxon) and William, Dukeof Normandy

William the conqueror
William “The Conqueror”

Duke of Normandy (in France)

Became King of England when he defeated Harold Godwinsonin 1066 at the Battle of Hastings

Claimed all of England as his own personal land – granted fiefs to his Norman lords

Bayeux tapestry
Bayeux Tapestry

  • 20 inches by 230 ft long embroidered cloth telling the story of the Norman invasion and conquest of England

  • Annotated in Latin

Henry ii
Henry II

  • Married Eleanor of Aquitaine (in France) to get more land for his realm

  • Eleanor has the distinction of being the wife of two kings and the mother of two kings (pretty snazzy resume if you ask me)

    • Married French king (annulled)

    • Married Henry II of England

      • Mothered Richard the Lion-hearted (King Richard) and John Lackland(Prince John) (this means from Robin Hood movie)

Richard the lion hearted
Richard the Lion-Hearted

Gone for most of his reign

Only one of the three European kings to actually fight in the King’s Crusade(Frederick Barbarossa died on the way and Phillip II was just a punk)

John lackland
John “Lackland”

Lost Normandy to Phillip II of France

The nobles revolted against John

They forced him to sign the Magna Cartain 1215 which made England a limited monarchy

Magna carta
Magna Carta

  • Most celebrated document in English history

    • Beginning of English civil liberties

    • Said the King was not above the law

    • Guaranteed life, liberty, and property could not be taken away without due process

    • Guaranteed rights such as “no taxation without representation, jury trial, and protection under the law.

Create visual mnemonics for each of the following
Create visual mnemonics for each of the following



William the Conqueror

Richard the Lionhearted

John Lackland

  • Clovis

  • Charles the Hammer Martel

  • Pepin the Short

  • Charlemagne