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U.S. Customs Brokerage

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U.S. Customs Brokerage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. Customs Brokerage . Power of Attorney From the Importer of Record. U.S. Company - Power of Attorney – signed by an officer of the company with IRS #. Mexican Company acting as an importer of record –

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Presentation Transcript
power of attorney from the importer of record
Power of AttorneyFrom the Importer of Record
  • U.S. Company -
    • Power of Attorney – signed by an officer of the company with IRS #.
  • Mexican Company acting as an importer of record–
    • Mexican Power of Attorney – signed by an officer of the company along with a copy of the Acta Constitutiva. Also, Customs assigned number. U.S. Consignee IRS # needed.

We can start the process and clear Customs with fax or scanned copies but will need the originals forwarded to us eventually.

importer of record
Importer of Record
  • The importer of record has complete and sole responsibility for compliance with all U.S. Customs requirements, such as:


    • Record Keeping
    • Duty Classification
    • Value
    • Payment of Duties
    • All other Homeland Security requirements
    • Using Reasonable Care
types of entries
Types of Entries
  • Consumption Entries
    • Free and Dutiable, Quota/Visa, AD/CVD, Appraisement, Vessel Repair, FTZ Consumption and combination
  • Informal Entries
    • Free and Dutiable, Quota Other than Textiles
  • Warehouse Entries
    • Warehouse, Re-Warehouse, TIB, Trade Fair, Permanent Exhibition, Foreign Trade Zone Admission
  • Warehouse Withdrawal
    • For Consumption, Quota/Visa, AD/CVD and
    • combination.
  • Government Entries
    • Military Only
customs paperwork review
Customs Paperwork Review
  • Commercial Invoice – Must meet US Customs Requirements
  • NAFTA Certificate
  • Manufacturer’s Affidavit on U.S. Goods Returned
  • Final Destination
  • SCAC code of drayage company
  • Firms Code (Bridge where it will crossing)

Depending on the commodity, we will need additional information such as OGA, Reconciliation, Certificates, HAZMAT 24hrs in advance, ADD, CVD, Assists, PPQ, Quota, Visa, TSCA, MSDS, Marking Waivers, etc. etc. etc.

oga other government agencies
OGA (Other Government Agencies)

We are responsible for making sure that all commodities besides, complying with US Customs Regulations also comply with all Other Government Agencies

FDA - Food & Drug Administration Ex: Food items, plates

FCC - Federal Communications Commission Ex: Radios, computers

DOT – Department of Transportation Ex: Vehicles, Tires

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency Ex: Water Filters


SIMA – Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis System

& Etc. etc….

Most Forms are available electronically but some are on manual forms.

post entry processes
Post Entry Processes
  • Once a shipment clears Customs:
    • Entry Summary needs to be generated (equivalent of a Pedimento) & accepted by Customs.
    • Entry Summary along with any monies due for duty must be paid by 10th business day after the shipment crosses. N.G. Jensen, Inc. pays 8th day.

Other processes:

    • NAFTA Refunds - Protests
    • Prior Disclosures - Fines & Penalties
    • PEA (Post Entry Amendments - Reconciliations
    • SIL (Supplemental Information Letter
required information
Required Information

Mexican Side

  • Carta De Encomendia – Mexican Power of Attorney
  • Encargo Conferido
  • R.F.C. – Registro Federal de Causantes – Mexican IRS Seal
  • Poder notarial – Proof that the person who signed the Carta de Encomendia can sign legally for the company.
  • If the company is not registered as a Mexican Importer of Record than you will need to hire a Commerlizadora to act as the importer of record for the preparation the entry.

U.S. Side

  • Power of Attorney
  • N.G. Jensen, Inc. Client Information Letter

Both Sides

  • Mexican Company Name:
  • Contact Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • E-Mail:
  • U.S. /Canadian Company Name:
  • Contact Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • E-Mail:
  • Invoice
  • Description of Merchandise
  • Pictures if possible
  • Six Digit Classification
  • NAFTA Certificate
required information from mexican shipper
Required Information From Mexican Shipper

N.G Jensen is NOT a Mexican Customs Broker, we are only providing liaison assistance between the Exporter and the Mexican Customs Broker, and we have no liability for this transaction above those that are defined in our Terms & Conditions of Service

The information provided is based on the Fact that the Mexican Importer of Record will give us Mexican Power of Attorney - Encargo Conferido to prepare the Mexican Entry. The Mexican Company must provide us this information before we can proceed with the entry. It can take up to 5 days from the time The Mexican Importer of record registers the Mexican Broker. We cannot begin to work the shipment until we receive the notification form Mexican Customs stating that our Mexican Broker is registered as the Mexican Broker for your Mexican Client. Once we receive the notification we can proceed with reviewing and classifying the merchandise.

  • Below is the link to setup the “encargo conferido”,
  • The electronic signature “la Firma Electrónica Avanzada (Arquivos . key y .cer y clave)” is required  
  • Web site to create “Alta Encarga conferido”:
  • http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/sipaiminternet/solicitudes/wfr_AppletFEA.aspx?operacion=encargo
  • To confirm is your client is setup as an importer of record you can access Padrón de Importadores
  • - Correo electrónico: padrondeimportadores@sat.gob.mx- Teléfono: 01 800 INFOSAT (01-800-4636-728) de lunes a viernes de 9 a 18 horas. Marcar clave 8.

If your company wishes to act as the Foreign Importer than we will need to hire a Mexican Shelter Operation – Commerlizadora to act as a go between.


U.S. Customs



Manifest is sent to

Drayage company and

Mexican Broker

Paperwork is received

Via fax, e-mail or EDI

Paperwork is

reviewed for



Mexican Broker

Provides Mexican

Paperwork to Drayage

Company for clearance

Go back to shipper

Or importer for

Corrected data


Shipment is sent

To Customs


If accurate, Proceed with

the processing Of the entry



Stevedore are

Involved if

Merchandise needs

To be unloaded


Entry is accepted by

U.S. Customs



Clears US Customs

Generate Manifest CF7533 so

The carrier can generate the

Electronic Manifest