the leo diamond l.
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The Leo Diamond

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The Leo Diamond. By Ashley Seow.

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the leo diamond

The Leo Diamond

By Ashley Seow


The Leo Diamond is the 1st diamond to be independently measured and certified for its brilliance. It has 66 facets which result in a measurable superior, fire and brilliance diamond. The Leo was invented by Leo Shacter and the Leo diamond was the first diamond he put his name on.


The artisan or the diamond cutter, has to have a minimum of ten years experience in order to be able to cut a Leo Diamond

Every Leo is in scripted with a number that is on the girdle of the Leo

These are numbers that are not duplicated and will prevent someone else from having your Leo

This number can only be seen with a magnification of 10x, and on the inside of the band, on the shank,

“The Leo” is also in scripted there


Another fact about this diamond is the IGI certification

  • The IGI certification shows the exact carat weight and the quality of the diamond

For more information on the Leo Diamond

you can visit

"Crafting the world's most beautiful diamonds is a passion in my family. We are four generations of master artisans intent on expanding the boundaries of the art."