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The LEO 1430

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The LEO 1430. 5 axis motorisation as standard. High performance electron optics. Multiple port chamber accessories. Intuitive easy to use graphical interface. LEO 1430 Essential Specifications. 3.5nm resolution @ 30kV (tungsten), 2.5nm @ 30kV (LaB6).

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The LEO 1430

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the leo 1430
The LEO 1430

5 axis motorisation as standard

High performance electron optics

Multiple port chamber accessories

Intuitive easy to use graphical interface


LEO 1430 Essential Specifications

3.5nm resolution @ 30kV (tungsten), 2.5nm @ 30kV (LaB6)

Choice of solid state or scintillator back scattered detectors

Tungsten or optional LaB6 firing unit

200V to 30kV accelerating voltage with automatic EHT bias

Unique Optibeam column control algorithm

Magnification range 15X to 300kX

leo 1430 essential specifications
LEO 1430 Essential Specifications

LEO 32 and WindowsTM 98 or optional NT4.0 operating system

5 axis motorised high precision geared stage in extra large chamber

Extensive annotation and measurement facilities

3072 x 2304 pixel image store with square pixels

3 built in ‘real time’ image processing modes

leo 1430 key features options
LEO 1430 Key Features & Options
  • Large chamber

Large travel stage

125mm x 100mm for larger samples

for mounting single or multiple samples

leo 1430 key features options5
LEO 1430 Key Features & Options
  • Printer options

setting preferences for new users and monitoring resources used, ideal in a multi user environment

User accounting software option

multi point eucentric tilt operation and specimen rotation, orientates samples to detectors

Compucentric stage software option

TIF file archive options

industry standard Zip and CD read / write / re-write

a choice of hardcopy options to present those images at a variety of cost and quality levels

leo 1430 key features options6
LEO 1430 Key Features & Options
  • Sample holders

expanded desktop option allowing two applications to run together with the clarity of full screen imaging for both

Second monitor options

Analytical interface

the convenience of a high performance EDS system merged completely within the SEM control software

  • Multi function control panel option

stage and SEM parameter control using rotary controls giving the SEM a more traditional feel

a range of 14 quick fit holders to suit most sample types