Microsoft Systems Management Server Topaz
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Microsoft Systems Management Server Topaz Software Distribution Wally Mead Program Manager Enterprise Team Microsoft C - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft Systems Management Server Topaz Software Distribution Wally Mead Program Manager Enterprise Team Microsoft Corporation. Session Agenda. Changes to SMS 2.0 software distribution features Removed functionality from SMS 2.0 software distribution

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Presentation Transcript
Microsoft systems management server topaz

Microsoft Systems Management Server Topaz Software Distribution Wally MeadProgram ManagerEnterprise TeamMicrosoft Corporation

Session agenda
Session Agenda

  • Changes to SMS 2.0 software distribution features

  • Removed functionality from SMS 2.0 software distribution

  • New features in Topaz software distribution

Overview of changes to sms 2 0 software distribution features
Overview of Changes to SMS 2.0 Software Distribution Features

  • Functionality changes to a feature that was present in SMS 2.0

  • Quickly stopping and restarting advertisements

  • Ability to re-run advertisements

  • Maximum allowed run time

  • Advertisement countdown display

  • Additional status messaging

Stopping and restarting advertisements
Stopping and Restarting Advertisements Features

  • Topaz menu option selection to:

    • Stop existing advertisement

    • Restart a disabled advertisement

    • Re-run existing advertisement

  • Stopping existing advertisement disables the program being advertised

  • Enabling the program makes the advertisement active again

  • Re-running existing advertisement adds a new schedule to the existing schedule of assignments

Advertisement handling screen shot
Advertisement Handling FeaturesScreen Shot

Maximum allowed run time screen shot
Maximum Allowed Run Time FeaturesScreen Shot

Advertisement countdown screen shot
Advertisement Countdown FeaturesScreen Shot

Overview of removed functionality from sms 2 0
Overview of Removed Functionality from SMS 2.0 Features

  • Functionality that was present in SMS 2.0 and is not present in Topaz

  • No longer a “Remove software when it is no longer advertised” program option

    • Used to automatically deinstall the program if the advertisement was no longer valid

  • Mobile clients do not support Windows clients software installation account

    • Use logged on user or Local System accounts

    • Desktops still support “Software Installation Account”

Overview of new features in topaz software distribution
Overview of New Features in Topaz Software Distribution Features

  • Active Directory™ integration

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP platform targeting

  • Notification suppression

  • Add/Remove Programs integration

    • Program category support

  • Delta replication

  • MSI support improvements

  • Mobile client support

    • Roaming, BITS, MSMQ, and management points

Topaz active directory targeting
Topaz Active Directory Targeting Features

  • Targeting computers

    • Active Directory System Discovery gathers domain, OU, AD site, and Active Directory security groups for computers

  • Targeting users

    • Active Directory User Discovery gathers domain, OU, and Active Directory security groups for users

  • Global, universal, nested groups, and non-security groups supported

Topaz active directory targeting 2
Topaz Active Directory Targeting Features(2)

  • Any of these properties can be used to query and generate collections

    • Can integrate with SMS hardware or software inventory as well

  • Allows more complex targeting via collections:

    • All users in the Finance OU and the Remote User global group

    • All computers in the Servers OU, in the Redmond site, in the SMS Servers universal group, and having at least 512 MB of RAM

Active directory targeting screen shot
Active Directory Targeting FeaturesScreen Shot

Windows xp platform targeting screen shot
Windows XP Platform Targeting FeaturesScreen Shot

Notification suppression screen shot
Notification Suppression FeaturesScreen Shot

Add remove programs integration
Add/Remove Programs Integration Features

  • In SMS 2.0, advertisements were run manually in the Advertised Programs Wizard

    • Users had to be trained to use two different methods of running programs: Add/Remove Programs and Advertised Programs Wizard

  • With Topaz, advertisements can be displayed in the Add/Remove Programs program

    • Single place for users to run programs

    • Optional on per-program basis

  • Program categories supported

    • Single category per program

Add remove programs support screen shot
Add/Remove Programs Support FeaturesScreen Shot

Delta replication
Delta Replication Features

  • In SMS 2.0, package updates are expensive

    • The entire package is sent down to appropriate child sites

    • The entire package is sent to each distribution point

  • With Topaz, only the updated files are distributed

    • To appropriate child sites

    • To each assigned distribution point

  • Network traffic can be reduced significantly in many cases

Delta replication 2
Delta Replication Features(2)

  • Supports sites not using delta replication

    • SMS 2.0 child sites

  • Supports five deltas per package

    • Configurable

    • If required update delta version not available at a child site, Topaz resends entire package

  • Self-healing if a child site receives corrupt package data

Delta replication example
Delta Replication Example Features

  • Sample package is Office XP Professional

    • CD size was 450 MB

    • Administrative share was 629 MB

    • The SMS compressed file size was 350 MB

    • It took two hours to compress locally, send to child site, and decompress at child site

  • When adding a new file (.mst) of 78 KB

    • Update file size to child site was 30 KB

    • It took two minutes to compress locally, send to child site, and decompress at child site

    • Only the 78 KB file was sent to local distribution point

Msi file support improvements
MSI File Support Improvements Features

  • Improved MSI file support in three areas:

    • SMS Installer can write native MSI files

    • Package creation from MSI files

    • Elevated rights for MSI programs

  • No longer require Installer Step-Up utility to create MSI files from SMS Installer

    • Easy mention option in SMS Installer

  • MSI files contain all necessary data to be used as package definition file

    • Just browse to the MSI file instead of a .sms file when creating a package

Sms installer msi file creation screen shot
SMS Installer MSI File Creation FeaturesScreen Shot

Msi package elevation
MSI Package Elevation Features

  • MSI packages can run under current user or Local System context

    • Current user to update user data

    • Local System to install files

    • A single MSI can run portions in each context

  • Topaz client processes monitor SMS advertisements to be run, and if MSI program, Topaz requests elevated rights

    • Gives elevated rights to run under Local System for portions of program that require it

    • Automated process through Topaz

Overview of mobile client software distribution support
Overview of Mobile Client Software Distribution Support Features

  • SMS mobile clients have special features to support remote, slow, inconsistent connections to SMS servers

    • BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)

    • MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue)

    • Roaming

  • The Topaz desktop client does not contain any of these special features

    • Basically SMS 2.0, with enhancements already mentioned in this presentation

Sms mobile client software distribution
SMS Mobile Client Software Distribution Features

  • BITS allows download and execute model for package execution

    • Local cache of stored programs

    • Program downloads during connections

    • Byte-level checkpoints in program downloads

    • Bandwidth sensitive to user bandwidth requirements

    • After full program downloaded, local execution can occur

  • Distribution points must be configured to support BITS

Sms mobile client roaming
SMS Mobile Client Roaming Features

  • SMS mobile clients find a management point for the local site from Active Directory

    • Knows it assigned site’s management point from the Active Directory

  • When roaming to other sites, uses Active Directory to find a management point local to the roamed site

    • This allows discovery of local distribution points for advertised programs

    • Site properties dictate which boundaries are local versus remote

    • If no local management point, uses management point from assigned site

Mobile client roaming screen shot
Mobile Client Roaming FeaturesScreen Shot

Sms mobile client roaming 2
SMS Mobile Client Roaming Features(2)

  • Roaming allows policies from assigned site, but content from local site

    • MSMQ used for policy downloads

    • Policies come from local site

      • Regional versus global roaming

    • If available, the client finds a management point in roamed site to find distribution point for content

    • Each advertisement configures local versus remote distribution point handling for program

    • After full program downloaded, execution can occur

      • MP tells client if DP supports BITS

Mobile client advertisements screen shot
Mobile Client Advertisements FeaturesScreen Shot

Session summary
Session Summary Features

  • Topaz improves on the software distribution functionality of SMS 2.0

    • Many changes to make administration experience better

    • New features to add to the functionality

  • Support for mobile clients is a key addition

  • Delta replication reduces bandwidth consumption for package updates

  • Active Directory integration provides additional targeting capabilities

  • Add/Remove Programs support eases end-user confusion

  • MSI file support is improved

Microsoft systems management server topaz

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